Park Seo-joon recalls living in Kim Taehyung’s house for months

Park Seo-joon recalls living in Kim Taehyung’s house for months

BTS member V was in for a surprise as his Wooga Squad friend-actor Park Seo-joon and television producer and director Na PD celebrated his birthday a few weeks early. V aka Kim Taehyung, who will turn 28 on December 30, will join the South Korean military in a few days. Taking to his YouTube channel, Na PD posted a video giving a glimpse of how the duo planned V’s birthday. (Also Read | Jungkook gives glimpse of shaved head, talks about sasaengs in front of his house, and drops ‘big spoiler’ for BTS ARMY)

BTS’ V with Park Seo-joon and Na PD.

Park Seo-joon, Na PD surprises V with cake, his favourite dishes

In the video, Seo-joon and Na PD prepared favourite dishes for V. They also made the birthday cake and decorated it with strawberries. They then packed the food and visited V where he was working. On their way, they planned how to surprise V. They lay the food in bowls on a table as V worked in another room.

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Seo-joon and Na PD also put up birthday banners. As V entered the room, the duo sang the birthday song. A surprised but happy V couldn’t stop smiling. All of them sat together and shared several conversations. After V had the meal, he was given a box full of desserts.

Seo-joon shared how V spoke to him during Hwarang

Talking about V, Seo-joon said, “Taehyung approached me first despite our age gap. We met for the first time through the drama Hwarang.” V recalled, “I asked him to teach me how to act. I guess he liked how I approached him. He taught me a lot.”

Recalling an incident, V said, “Because I’ve never yelled at someone in my life. doing something like that (while acting) was just awkward, so when I (was hesitating), Seo-joon shouted ‘louder’ and I shouted back ‘like this’?”

Seo-joon stayed at V’s house for a few months

Park Seo-joon also spoke about an incident when he stayed at V’s house. He said, “My house was in construction for about four months for the interior design. I had no place to stay at that time. I was going to have my house fixed during an overseas filming schedule, but the filming ended earlier. Taehyung’s house is five minutes away from my house, it has an empty room.”

The actor also said, “Fortunately, I didn’t need to pay extra for the hotel for about a month or two because Taehyung gladly gave me permission to stay at his house. There were times when I was there only with his parents, and we even ate together.” In response, V added, “My parents and Seo-joon’s parents are also close. We introduced them to each other.”

V on his military service

Talking about his military service, V said, “I’m actually excited. I was very excited since I was young. Another experience for me? I thought it would have a good effect on my growth. My dad even told me about the military story.” V along with BTS members RM, Jimin and Jungkook is scheduled to join the South Korean military in December.

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