Vodafone and Meta Collaborate to Enhance Network Efficiency with Short-Form Video Optimisation

Vodafone and Meta Collaborate to Enhance Network Efficiency with Short-Form Video Optimisation

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Vodafone and Meta have unveiled a collaborative effort to optimize network efficiency across eleven European markets, enhancing the viewing experience of high-quality short videos for mobile customers.

The initiative, implemented in June 2024, builds on an initial successful test conducted in the UK in April 2024. During this trial period, Vodafone observed a significant reduction in network traffic for Meta applications across its mobile network. This optimization strategy targeted busy locations such as shopping centres and transport hubs, ensuring that all mobile users benefited from improved network capacity on popular 4G/5G sites.

Alberto Ripepi, Vodafone’s Chief Network Officer, emphasized the strategic importance of Meta’s commitment to optimizing video delivery, which contributes to more efficient use of existing network resources. He expressed Vodafone’s intent to continue collaborating with Meta to enhance network efficiencies further and support new digital services’ growth.

Gaya Nagarajan, Vice President of Network Engineering at Meta, highlighted the long-term partnership with Vodafone and underscored their joint commitment to driving innovation in video optimization. This collaboration aims to shape the future of Internet services by leveraging advancements in video engineering and infrastructure deployment.

The network optimization initiative spans Albania, Czechia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and the UK. The extent of traffic reduction varies depending on network load and user devices, reflecting ongoing efforts to streamline digital experiences and conserve energy.

Both companies remain open to collaborating with stakeholders across the digital ecosystem to refine and expand these optimization efforts further, ensuring robust network performance and enhancing user satisfaction.

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