Buy Youtube Comments | 3 Best Sites To Buy YouTube Comments In 2023

Buy Youtube Comments: Getting noticed by viewers and standing out from the sea of content on YouTube is no simple feat. YouTube is one social media platform that attracts approximately a fourth of the world’s population every month or two billion people. You need a plan to succeed on YouTube as a content creator or a business trying to advertise its products or services.

The practice of buying YouTube comments has gained popularity as a result of its apparent efficacy. You may save time and effort by purchasing comments while boosting social proof, engagement, algorithmic rankings, and brand perception.

Learn about the best places to buy YouTube comments, their features, and how to maximize your purchase in this in-depth guide.

Overview Of The Best Sites To Buy Youtube Comments


👉Score: 10/10

High-quality user feedback is guaranteed on, which increases your social proof. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and flexible commenting choices. We are the premier ally for expanding your social media presence.


👉Score: 9.5/10

The comment packages on are customizable to fit your specific requirements. Their specific and well-targeted feedback can increase the viewership of your videos. They have prompt shipping and friendly service, but the ability to personalize your comments is limited.


👉Score: 8.7/10 provides reasonably priced bundles with a selection of reviewer feedback. Their response time is excellent, and their ordering system is simple. It’s crucial to remember that the quality of comments posted on this site can vary widely.

Detailed Reviews Of 3 Best Sites To Buy YouTube Comments

#1. is a well-known service that focuses on providing authentic user feedback on YouTube videos. You can tailor the comment options we provide to your requirements. Comments made via are guaranteed to be real, engaging, and pertinent to the subject in question.

Efficient and great service is a trademark of our platform, and we ensure that your bought comments are promptly included in your videos. If you have any inquiries or issues, our customer support team will swiftly reply and make every effort to respond satisfactorily.


  • Excellent, honest comments and positive feedback from actual users
  • Instantaneous shipping and the ability to tailor comments
  • Superior assistance for customers ensures a trouble-free experience.


  • Does not accept cryptocurrency


Another well-known marketplace for YouTube comments is They provide a variety of comment packages, so you may pick the one that works best for your needs and the people you’re trying to reach.’s ability to deliver niche-specific comments is a valuable tool for increasing the viewership of your videos.

While comments are delivered quickly on, the platform lacks in-depth customizing possibilities compared to others. But be assured; you can always count on help from their top-notch customer support team and professional services.


  • Various comment bundles to choose from depending on your requirements
  • Increased participation through targeted and specialized feedback
  • Prompt delivery and helpful staff


  • Comments can’t be altered much.

#3. is a reliable service that provides bundles at low prices for anyone who wants to buy YouTube comments. They provide a diverse selection of comment options so that you can select according to your requirements. When you buy comments from Buy Reviews, they will deliver them to you promptly.

The website has a straightforward layout and a simple ordering procedure. It makes it easy for anyone, from seasoned shoppers to newcomers, to find their way around and buy YouTube comments. It’s necessary to analyze carefully because the quality of the comments you buy from them can vary.


  • Packages are reasonably priced and offer multiple commenting choices
  • Fast turnaround times for orders
  • Intuitive design and straightforward checkout process


  • The quality of comments might vary.

How To Buy YouTube Comments – A Step-By-Step Guide

Purchasing real comments on YouTube can be a valuable strategy to increase interaction, social proof, and views. Nonetheless, an intentional methodology is imperative to guarantee prudent decision-making.

Here is a systematic manual to assist you in manoeuvring through the procedure of buying comments on YouTube. We will use as a reference:

#Step 1: Visit And Create An Account

Go to the site and create an account to get started. The only information we require for registration is your email address and a username. Once you have joined, you can start utilizing our platform right away.

#Step 2: Pick The Comment Bundle has numerous comment packages available to meet the requirements of different customers. Carefully consider your needs and each plan’s features before deciding. Think about things like the number of responses, the extent of personalization, and the timeliness of delivery.

#Step 3: Modify Your Comments (Optional)’s custom comments feature is one of its many benefits. You can supply precise instructions or keywords to ensure the comments are relevant and cohesive with your video material. Depending on the plan you select, you can make some changes.

#Step 4: Proceed With The Purchase

Having completed your package selection and modifications, you can now move on to the checkout procedure. offers several safe payment methods for your peace of mind. If you want your purchase to go smoothly, follow the directions and provide accurate information.

#Step 5: Keep An Eye On The Execution And Evaluate The Outcomes will begin sending out the comments after finalizing the purchase. The order’s total number of comments and the shipment size affect the estimated delivery date. During this time, you should check your YouTube video to ensure the comments are showing up correctly.

Note that while does give accurate user and not bot comments, they come gradually to maintain authenticity. Thus it may take some time for the comments to show on your video.

#Step 6: Consider The Repercussions

After you buy comments and they have been posted to your YouTube video, you may evaluate their effectiveness. Take note of the activity levels, such as the number of likes, comments, and shares. Evaluate how well the paid comments are helping you reach your objectives, such as higher social proof or higher algorithmic rankings.

Why Buy YouTube Comments – Top 5 Benefits

There are currently countless videos on YouTube, all competing for viewers’ time and focus. About 77% of internet users between the ages of 15 and 35 use YouTube; the same is true for those between 36 and 45, 46 and 55, and 56 and up (67%).

In order to thrive and grow your YouTube account as a content producer or company, you need to discover methods to distinguish yourself.

Buying real YouTube comments is one option. The top five reasons to buy comments for your videos on YouTube are as follows:

#1. Boost Social Proof

The term “social proof” refers to the psychological phenomena in which the behaviors and judgments of others influence individuals. Viewers will attribute more authority and popularity to a video with many comments.

If you want more engagement on YouTube, buying comments is a quick and easy way to increase your social proof. Potential viewers are influenced to watch your video content, write their own comments, and subscribe to your channel if they notice a busy comment area.

#2. Increase Engagement

YouTube comments are a significant way users interact with quality content. They allow viewers to communicate with the video’s maker and other viewers, offering a space for open dialogue.

By purchasing YouTube comments, you may increase conversation and get more people talking about your videos. The more people who watch and interact with your films, the more the YouTube algorithm will recognize that they are worthwhile and should be promoted.

#3. Improve Algorithmic Rankings

When calculating a video’s prominence and relevancy, YouTube algorithms consider several criteria. The amount of feedback on a video is one such indicator. You can boost your videos’ comment count by purchasing YouTube comments to give them a head start.

If your algorithmic rankings improve, more people will see your videos when they search or click on a recommendation. If your films are ranked higher, they will be exposed to more people and generate more organic views and interactions.

#4. Enhance Brand Image

The reputation of your company is vital in luring and keeping customers. You can influence how people talk about your videos when you buy custom YouTube comments. You can improve your brand’s reputation and the public’s impression by paying for good and pertinent remarks.

Establishing trust and reliability for your business can be cultivated through favorable comments from authentic individuals, motivating others to engage with your high-quality content, and enlisting in your channel. Sustaining a prominent image for your brand is crucial to your ongoing triumph on YouTube.

#5. Save Time And Effort

Commenting organically can be a difficult and time-consuming process. To do this, you must promote your videos actively, interact with your audience regularly, and produce content they will enjoy. You may save a lot of time by purchasing YouTube comments.

Buying comments is a quick fix compared to waiting for organic interaction to increase. Instead of crafting comments by hand, you can put that energy into making more appealing videos and improving other elements of your YouTube channel.

Understanding The Process Of Buying YouTube Comments

There are a few important actions and factors to consider before purchasing YouTube comments. This information will enable you to make sound decisions and ensure a favorable result. Let’s delve into the details of buying YouTube comments.

#1. Available Platforms And Services For Purchasing Custom Comments

You may buy YouTube comments from a variety of websites and businesses. These sites serve as middlemen, connecting those who make films with those eager to watch them and offer feedback.,, and BuyReviews are just a few of the most well-known sites of their kind. These services provide a range of plans at various price points with flexible configuration options.

#2. Types Of Comments Available For Purchase

When you buy YouTube comments, you usually have a few options. It could be in the form of broad, targeted, or specialized feedback. Generic comments are broad in scope, and you can use it with many different kinds of videos.

You can tailor the comments to your video’s context or message by using custom YouTube comments. Targeted engagement is achieved by niche-specific comments written for specific fields or subjects.

#3. Pricing Models And Considerations

The cost of purchasing YouTube comments can range from cheap to expensive, depending on the service you use and the size of the package you select. Some service providers may offer predetermined packages with a predetermined amount of comments.

Others may offer more customizable choices where the number of comments is up for grabs. Evaluate pricing choices in light of your budget, the desired quantity of comments, and the quality of comments provided.

#4. Ensuring Quality And Relevance Of Purchased Comments

Purchasing YouTube comments is a great way to gain exposure, but you must ensure the comments are high quality and relevant. Reputable service providers aim to supply high-quality comments that look authentic and add to meaningful conversation.

Investigate the platform or service provider thoroughly and read reviews before purchasing. Find services that use genuine customer reviews rather than spam or automated remarks. If the feedback is inadequate, determine if the service provider offers refunds or replacements.

Tips For Buying YouTube Comments Safely And Effectively

You may increase engagement and exposure for your channel by purchasing comments on YouTube. It is essential to proceed cautiously and ensure that you securely and efficiently purchase comments.

Here are some guidelines to help you get the most out of your paid endorsements:

#1.  Researching And Selecting Reputable Service Providers

It’s essential to shop around and compare service providers before deciding. Find a service that has been around for a while, has good feedback from previous clients, and has clear policies.

Verify if their customer service is helpful and if they provide authentic user reviews. If you care about your channel’s reputation, you should avoid suppliers who participate in spamming or unethical methods.

#2. Setting Realistic Goals And Expectations

Don’t overestimate the benefits of buying YouTube comments for your channel. While purchasing likes and comments can enhance your interaction and social validation, it might not increase subscribers or views on your videos.

To achieve sustained success, it is crucial to establish clear goals and implement a comprehensive strategy that incorporates top-notch content and natural expansion endeavors.

#3. Establishing Clear Guidelines For Purchased Comments

Tell the service provider what you need from them and how they should do it. Clearly define the desired comment’s style, vocabulary, and context. Ensuring that the paid comments are appropriate for your business and audience is essential.

Having parameters in place will also reduce the likelihood that your channel will receive generic or irrelevant feedback that could damage its credibility.

#4. Monitoring And Evaluating The Impact Of Purchased Comments

You should track how your channel performs after purchasing comments. Track the likes, shares, and new comments directly resulting from your paid comments.

Find out if the comments you bought are helping your channel expand by attracting new subscribers. You can use this data to evaluate the efficiency of your current purchasing plan and modify it as needed.

#5. Integrating Paid Comments With Organic Expansion Techniques

While it’s true that paying for praise can give you a rapid boost, it’s also crucial to employ organic methods of expansion. Create content that speaks directly to your audience and compels them to interact with you more organically.

Participate in the conversation by responding to comments, teaming up with other content makers, and sharing your videos across other platforms. Building a dedicated and active subscriber base for your channel is possible through paid promotion and organic expansion strategies.

How To Organically Grow YouTube Comments?

Long-term success on the YouTube algorithm requires establishing a solid foundation of organic engagement and encouraging genuine interactions on your videos.

While it’s true that purchasing comments will give you a quick boost, it’s just as crucial to work on building your YouTube channel organically. If you want more genuine feedback on your videos, try these methods.

#1. Make Content That People Want To See And Share

The first step in getting organic and high-quality comments is to create captivating and engaging videos for your viewers. Put some thought and work into creating material that will interest and engage your readers. Get people interested immediately and keep them interested by giving them something of value throughout the film.

#2. Engage Your Audience With Questions And Suggestions

Asking viewers for their input will increase the likelihood that they will do so. Ask your viewers deep questions about the video’s subject matter and encourage them to express their insights and opinions. Your video’s organic comment count will improve due to this strategy.

#3. Engage With The Discussion By Responding To Comments

Having meaningful interactions with your viewers is essential to growing a loyal following for your channel. Answer questions, note suggestions, and express gratitude for people reading and watching your content by responding to comments as soon as possible.

Your presence in the comments section will go a long way toward fostering conversation and generating genuine responses from other users.

#4. To Increase Your Visibility, Team Up With Other Artists

Working with other YouTubers can help you reach a larger audience and boost the number of natural comments your videos receive. Find other creators who are active in your niche or adjacent disciplines, and see if there are any ways you can work together.

Think about doing some interviews, guest spots, or group endeavors. You can get more people to watch your videos and participate in the conversation by appealing to their existing fan base.

#5. Improve The Names And Descriptions Of Your Videos

You may improve your video’s position in YouTube’s search results by tweaking the video’s title, description, and tags. Potential viewers will have an easier time finding them.

You’ll get more interested viewers who are more likely to leave comments if they can quickly locate your movies. Use catchy titles, descriptive text, and images as thumbnails to increase the number of people who click on your movies.


By buying custom Youtube comments on your YouTube videos, you may increase your social proof, engagement, algorithmic rankings, and brand image. However, do take care when implementing this plan and combine it with organic expansion initiatives.

Select reliable service providers like, define your objectives, and track the results of your paid reviews. Remember that the key to sustainable YouTube success is audience contact and engagement.

A successful YouTube channel that attracts visitors grows a dedicated fan base and advances your goals can be created by mixing sponsored comments with other efficient tactics.


#1. Buy YouTube comments: Is it legal?

Although it is not against the law per se, purchasing YouTube comments is prohibited by the platform’s TOS. However, it’s important to note that many authors and businesses choose to buy comments despite this limitation.

#2. How can I ensure that the purchased comments appear genuine and relevant?

If you want to buy real YouTube comments that are useful, you should work with a reliable business. It’s essential to do some background research on the company before deciding. You can use this as a barometer for how insightful and genuine their feedback is.

#3. Will buying YouTube comments guarantee increased subscribers or video views?

Although buying YouTube comments can boost channel activity, it won’t necessarily bring in new viewers or subscribers. To expand your subscriber base, you need to pay close attention to the following three areas: content creation, video optimization, and taking a holistic approach.

Buying likes and retweets is a supplementary tactic for increasing interaction. However, they shouldn’t be considered a panacea for expanding your channel’s audience.

#4. Are there any risks of buying YouTube comments, such as account suspension?

Buying YouTube comments is risky because it violates YouTube’s terms of service. Account suspension is possible, but it’s unlikely.

Select reliable service providers and exercise caution while implementing the purchased feedback to reduce harm. It’s best to use a mix of paid promotion and organic expansion methods for a sustainable and genuine channel.

#5. What are some alternative strategies to buying YouTube comments for increasing engagement?

You don’t have to buy YouTube comments to get more people to interact with your videos. You can expand your channel’s reach by using the following:

  • YouTube’s advertising tools
  • Promoting your videos on social media
  • Forming partnerships with other creators
  • Writing SEO-friendly titles and descriptions
  • Encouraging audience participation via comments and community features, and more.

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