Google’s SEO Best Practices for Video

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Video is a growing creative in this digital world. Often, webmasters seek ways to ensure maximum exposure of their video content in SERP.  This march, Google released five video SEO best practices in a new Lightning Talks on its YouTube channel. It shows us the video optimisation in a more technical way. That includes HTML tag, sitemap, Javascript, Structured data and more tricks to ensure your video features in SERP. I had an opportunity to go through the video &  help documentation, and show you the best practices.

Update as of 21st July 2021, Google releases a new way to enable key momont feature by using SeektoAction property. Google will then use AI to identify key moments in the video, and display links directly to those moments in Search results. Check enable specific video features for more details.

The optimisation can be categorised into 5 parts:

SEO Best Practices For Video – Checklist

Help Google find your videos

Keywords: Robots.txt, Sitemaps, Javascript, Structured Data

Allowing Google to index your video content is the first step for your video appearance:


  1. Include your video in an appropriate HTML tag. Google can more easily identify a video on your page when there’s an HTML tag around it, for example: