Include Supporting Written Content When Publishing Videos on a Web Page

Google’s John Mueller advises web site homeowners to offer supporting content material when publishing a net web page with a video on it.

In different phrases, don’t simply embed a video on a web page and add a title and depart it at that.

A video shouldn’t be used as a main piece of content material. Rather, a video needs to be utilized in a manner that helps the first written content material.

This recommendation was given in the course of the Google Webmaster Central hangout on March fifth when a query was requested about utilizing Google’s movies on a site.

Mueller briefly addressed the principle query earlier than offering some ideas on how video needs to be used from a net search perspective.


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Video ought to help the principle content material, not substitute it

As far as net search is anxious, it’s troublesome for Google to determine what to do with a net web page that solely has a video on it.

It’s exhausting to find out what is beneficial in regards to the video and why the web page it’s on needs to be proven in search outcomes.

Mueller recommends constructing content material across the video, resembling a transcription of the video, and including some feedback in regards to the video.

Sounds much like what I’m doing proper now truly.

You’ll see there’s a video on this article adopted by a transcription, and up thus far, I’ve roughly been commenting on the transcription.


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So the video shouldn’t be the principle content material, nevertheless it’s a helpful addition to the principle content material.

Posting video on this manner is extra beneficial from Google’s perspective, and extra beneficial to guests as nicely.

Hear the total query and reply beneath, beginning on the 45:46 mark:

“I believe, on the whole, I might be cautious about utilizing simply a video as a main piece of content material on a net web page. You ought to work to make use of the video in a manner that helps your main content material, however not that it replaces your main content material.

So, for instance, I wouldn’t take any of those movies and simply put them on a weblog submit, and add a title to them, and count on them to indicate up extremely in search.

But when you have particular content material round that video. If you’ve a transcription of that video, and also you add some feedback to that transcription to the content material that’s proven with the video. Where you’re utilizing that video as type of a level of reference as regards to your content material. Then I believe that’s a completely fantastic method.

But simply purely utilizing a video on a web page is one thing that, at the very least from a net search perspective, makes it actually exhausting for us to find out what is definitely helpful on this web page, and why ought to we present it within the search outcomes.”

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