YouTube or Wistia? Which Is the Best Video Marketing Host?

Online video (with animated explainer videos) is one of the latest marketing trends and one of the most requested forms of content by marketers and startup CEOs. (There’s a fine example of one of these marketing videos, below.)

Once the video is made, one of the most common questions marketers ask is: where do you upload it?

Today, we’ll answer that question with the two greatest hot spots: YouTube and Wistia. The first one is the most popular video site in the world and the second one is the most prestigious paid video hosting service. We know each one of them has several pros and cons, but which is actually the best one for video marketing? Let’s find out.

YouTube: Let’s Get Popular

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine but it’s also the third largest social network (only behind Facebook and Twitter). Here’s a fact that most people tend to overlook: YouTube is not just a hosting service but also a powerful social network. This means that YouTube is an awesome place to lead traffic to your website and generate engagement, especially if your videos have humor or educational content in them, which are the topics most US-users prefer. Great hint: animated explainer videos (like this cute one down here) have both!

Since Google owns YouTube, its videos will show up in Google searches before any other related video from a different hosting site. However, YouTube is overflowing with video content, so it’s not that easy to get ranked on the first page. In order to get your videos to rank well, you should have a wise SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, but that’s a whole different story (you can read all about it in YumYumVideo’s latest eBook) Let’s focus on YouTube’s video hosting assets.

YouTube also offers some basic video performance analytics. You can see the number of views, estimated minutes watched, demographics and traffic sources and one of the best things about this YouTube is that all of this is free of charge. Another advantage of using YouTube is that you can pay to promote your uploaded videos through Google AdWords with a cost-per-click or cost-per-visit service.

Wistia: Let’s Get Picky

Wistia is one of the best-paid options to use to host your marketing videos. One of Wistia’s great perks is that a click on your video will always lead to your website and not to the hosting service website. This feature can help increase your website’s SEO and visit rates. However, bear in mind that your video’s SEO rates will never be greater than they would be if you used YouTube, because Google’s priority is obviously their own video hosting site.

The greatest things about Wistia are the metrics! Wistia offers a wide range of thorough video analytics, such as heat-maps that reveal exactly which part of the video was watched, skipped or re-watched. They also offer the possibility of getting your video viewers’ emails to use to expand your list of leads through a viewer-to-lead service. You can also customize your videos on Wistia by changing the player style, color and adding interactive items. It’s really an outstanding and useful feature for any marketer or startup CEO that wants to get deep into video marketing, but it could be expensive, especially if you need to upload several videos and use specific and advanced video features.

Which service is better to use to upload your videos overall? Let me tell you: as a wise online marketer, you shouldn’t use one or the other but both of them instead. On one hand, you should take advantage from YouTube’s built-in massive audience in order to grow socially, because YouTube videos are meant to be social. On the other hand, you can make great use of Wistia because it’s great for your website and landing page explainer videos with the added benefit of being able to follow up on every one of your viewer’s actions closely. Take note on all of these video hosting pros and cons and get the best from your explainer video campaign! If you want to learn more about video SEO and get some great advice on how and where to upload your marketing videos, get YumYumVideos’ latest eBook: “You Have Your Explainer Video Done… Now What?

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