Celebrity names’ pay per click costs

If there is one thing that is consistent on the internet, it’s the obsession with celebrities and their gossip and news always making the headlines. Once Miley Cyrus hit the stage at the MTV Awards, she was trending like crazy and her personal brand, net-worth and social followings have been exploding like crazy ever since.

It’s not just the world of gossip and entertainment that attracts value to celebrities, it’s also the ability to tap into all of their fans and different ways to make money with their personal branding. Everything from music, movies, memorabilia and selling books and magazines… celebrities are everywhere.

PPC.org came out with an interesting infographic that compares different celebrities against each other and relates them to pay per click marketing and how much you would have to pay if you were to bid on some of their names in the search results.

Here’s what they found out.

  • If you wanted to bid on high profile names like Justin Bieber, Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, Tom Cruise, Elton John and Rush Limbaugh… you are looking at ppc costs in the $1 range.
  • “Angelina Jolie” and “Jennifer Lopez” are the two highest ranked female movie actresses on the top 20 list. Each with over 5 million monthly searches.
  • Musicians such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry bring in over 100 million searches per month!

Special thanks to http://ppc.org for the creation of this infographic.


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