Improve SEO Marketing With Video Content And A Creative Suite

Video has quickly become the apex of content creation and a major advantage it has in a vastly competitive online setting over just using text is its additional SEO capabilities.

Businesses that don’t make use of the vast potential that comes with a myriad of video options will be setting themselves up for failure, as they will be neglecting an invaluable asset that could strengthen their brand standing.

How are videos used to determine ranking in search engine results?

Search engines were designed to scour online-based content and determine the websites offering the most value to audiences. The main purpose of these AI driven algorithms was (and still is) to collect specific information that will help to place a website’s relevance within search results and reflect that accordingly.

This is largely based in text specific areas, but the rise in popularity of videos on social media is beginning to change the playing field. There is now an additional approach to indexing in order to further refine results.

One way that a search engine will incorporate video metrics is by looking at metadata and even closed captions, where additional keywording can potentially be found.

How to leverage SEO in 2024 by making impactful videos

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One of the best ways to guarantee that your videos are impactful to consumers and useful for search engine scraping is to elevate content quality. To take your videos to the next level, you will need to make full use of the right editing tools – and the CapCut creative suite is a worthwhile selection.

It is free to use, prioritises a user friendly approach by leveraging AI and streamlines content creation with the added bonus of bringing optimisation protocols into your efforts. Some of the services it provides are:

  • Fully editable pre made video templates for a vast array of online platforms that provide a simplistic yet excellent starting point for users of all skill levels
  • Auto-caption generation that utilises AI to reduce human input and therefore errors while transcribing subtitles
  • Background removal makes it easy to omit any nuisance media within your content, which can range from irrelevant information, unusable branding and even offensive material that could lead to demonetization and the worst case scenario of delisting
  • Royalty-free music and sound bites that do not have constraints or need permissions to be used within your videos
  • Easy to use tools for resizing, cropping and trimming videos of all calibres
  • An incredibly user friendly way of utilising multi track editing, which will prove invaluable in your venture in leveraging SEO

Tips to improve your online presence and video SEO ranking

Including SEO in your content can be daunting at first glance, but fortunately, this is far easier than it may seem. The first thing to keep in mind is maximising the usage of keywords. It pays to stay consistent with these across platforms, so algorithms will better be able to recognise what makes you stand out.

It’s worth noting that the quantity of viewers will also weigh into SEO metrics in terms of engagement and watch times, so making the most of tools such as the website’s AI YouTube video editor will further your potential.


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