Google Weekend Ranking Teetering, 404 Spikes With /1000 URLs, Circle To Search & AI Multisearch, Bing Market Share & Google Degrading Study

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This week, I reported about a weird ranking pattern that has been emerging with these weekend ranking Google updates. Google Search Console shows a spike in 404 errors for URLs ending in /1000. Google launched Circle to Search and a new AI-powered multisearch. A new German study looks to see if Google Search is getting worse. Google responded to claims that Google News boosts garbage AI-written content. Bing’s market share has not grown more than 1% since it launched Bing Chat a year ago. Google Search will show more third-party comparison sites in European search results. Google is testing product snippet listings and local image variations. Google is also testing five lines of products instead of four. Google said changing from www to non-www won’t change much for rankings. Google URL inspection tool referring page may show unlinked sources. Google Search is not showing news boxes for some election queries. Advertisers and agencies are beyond frustrated with the degradation of Google Ads support, and now Google laid off more ad reps. Google Ads has a new campaign level headlines and descriptions. Google has a new feature for hotels named view market comparison. Bing is unchanged with the release of Copilot Pro. Did you know you can search both Google and Bing at the same time using Edge. A large SEO Reddit community was taken over by new moderators And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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