Watch: “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” Cast Is All Smiles During Poster Filming

Watch: “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” Cast Is All Smiles During Poster Filming

tvN’s “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” has released behind-the-scenes photos and a video of the cast on set of the poster shoot.

Based on the popular 2002 Japanese drama of the same name, “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” is a mystery melodrama about Kim Moo Young (played by Seo In Guk), a dangerous man who is described as a monster, Yoo Jin Gang (played by Jung So Min), a woman who holds the same scars as Moo Sung, and Jin Kang’s brother Jin Kook (Park Sung Woong), a detective who stands against Moo Young.

The previously released posters contained images of both Jung So Min and Seo In Guk’s dangerous romance, as well as the rivalry between Seo In Guk and Park Sung Woong.

The behind-the-scene images reveal the chemistry between the three main actors. Jung So Min and Seo In Guk talk seriously about their scenes and monitor the photos taken from their poster shoot together. In another photo, Park Sung Woong looks over the script with the staff and checks over everything in detail. In order to create the perfect poster, he also suggests different options to the crew, showcasing his passion for the drama.

In this shoot, because there was not only the dangerous romance between Seo In Guk and Jung So Min, but also the confrontation between Seo In Guk and Park Sung Woong, the chemistry between the two actors was extremely important. After shooting, the three people were rumored to have ran to the front of the monitor to check their scenes. Without missing a detail, they’d change their facial expressions and gazes.

In the behind-the-scenes making video, Seo In Guk first introduced his character Moo Young and talked about Moo Young’s desire to become normal. Later, after successfully shooting his photos, he joked, “I need those B-cut photos!” Jung So Min also talked about her character, saying that Jin Gang was the type of person who thought people could change.

The video then turned to Seo In Guk, Jung So Min, and Park Sung Woong gathered together to shoot their poster image. Although Seo In Guk and Jung So Min seemed to be in a good mood, Park Sung Woong held a blank expression on his face as he bluntly asked, “So you’re just going to ignore me?” making the two laugh hysterically. Park Sung Woong’s face eventually broke into a smile as he pretended to shoot them with a plastic gun.

Following the poster shoot, when asked about the drama, Seo In Guk stated, “It was charming to see Moo Young become curious about people and discover feelings he didn’t know he had after meeting Jin Gang in the drama.”

Later, the cast was asked to which season they would compare “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.” Seo In Guk answered, “It is a drama reminiscent of a terrible heat wave through the story and Moo Young’s unusual feelings.” Jung So Min shared, “It is a drama that I want to meet warmly at the end of a winter with heavy snow,” while Park Sung Woong said, “It is hard to conclude in a single word, like a warm morning in a fine autumn weather. It is a drama with complicated and unexpected charms.”

Watch the video below!

“The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” premieres on October 3.

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