Publicis Production Unveils Targeted Methodology For Content Production

Publicis Production has unveiled what it describes as an industry-led targeted methodology for content production. The strategic directive was set at the highest levels of leadership, spearheaded by Publicis Production global CEO Sergio Lopez-Ferrero, and executed by chief creative officer Mariusz Urbanczyk.

Lopez-Ferrero commented, “As a strategic partner with a unique understanding of the industry category, we can revolutionize production solutions in the advertising and marketing industry in a number of ways. By operationalizing the content supply chain, less time will be spent on the ‘how’ and more on the ‘what,’ helping clients create the right amount of what they truly need. Catering to distinct audiences will then translate into more impactful campaigns, ultimately driving value for clients. These custom and streamlined approaches will thus maximize efficiency for optimal results, resulting in a significant reduction of resource wastage and time expenditure.”

Recognizing the specific dynamics of each sector, as well as the need to generate more relevant content at scale, Publicis Production has organized its client servicing leadership around different industries. This diverse cohort of professionals–helmed by healthcare industry lead Tyler Cunningham, and retail and CPG industry lead Chira Schaad–will utilize their category-specific expertise to offer bespoke solutions that unlock the true value of brands’ content.

CCO Urbanczyk commented, “These carefully chosen individuals are crucial for offering clients industry-specific expertise across the production content supply chain, which is why we have appointed industry leads across three of our biggest verticals, CPG, retail and healthcare. Together, we form a dynamic force, ready to turn client challenges into a unique opportunity to unlock the value of content.”

The new model is supported by the company’s extensive tech stack which harnesses industry-specific data to provide invaluable insights into the unique dynamics of each sector. This ensures informed decisions are made and tailored to a client’s strategy. Some of this tech includes: PX (which launched earlier this year), a state-of-the-art production technology in partnership with Adobe that’s the backbone of the content supply chain and will enhance delivery hubs under the future-facing PXP brand worldwide; DCE, an AI-powered dynamic video optimization tool in partnership with Meta; and VAA, an AI content performance analyzer.

Lopez-Ferrero further explained, “In beauty, the team has begun to use generative AI to quickly change backgrounds and alter copy, accelerating the production of personalized content. In the automotive industry, CGI models are allowing them to place vehicles in diverse settings, adjust colors, and modify features to resonate with the target audience. Within healthcare, meanwhile, they’re leveraging AI to expedite the medical-legal review process and assess creative assets.

“With over 120 clients around the world, it’s imperative that we provide industry-specific and company-specific approaches, putting them on the fast track to solve not just their production and marketing challenges but, importantly, to meet their unique business goals. Our client leadership team makes us ideally positioned to unlock the value of our client’s content from craft to conversion,” concluded Lopez-Ferrero.

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