2023’s Google Ads Statistics: Don’t Miss Out!

Google Ads is a major player for businesses looking to connect with customers online. With its reach across search, websites, YouTube, and apps, Google’s advertising platform can put a brand’s message in front of nearly all internet users. Today, 80% of businesses around the world use Google ads. And guess what? The numbers speak for themselves – for every $1 spent on Google Ads, businesses see an average return of $8. Not too shabby. Statistics like that make it easy to see why companies rely on Google Ads in today’s competitive market. Understandably, staying on top of what’s working with Google Ads is essential in the digital world.

So, for any business thinking about using Google Ads to promote their stuff, it pays to understand how the platform works. This article covers key stats and trends to help you craft campaigns tailored to your specific goals.

Editor’s Pick Google Ads Statistics

  1. Google Ads is the choice of Pay-per-Click (PPC) ads for 80% of businesses worldwide.
  2. The average Clickthrough Rate for Google Ads sits between three percent and five percent, with an average CPC ranging from $1-$2.
  3. Google Ads boasts an impressive reach, connecting with over 90% of internet users globally.
  4. In the first two quarters of 2023, Google raked in $112.691 billion in ad revenue, constituting 78% of its total revenue.
  5. Google maintains a dominant market share of 91.56% in the global search engine market.
  6. Responsive Google Ads are favored by 84% of businesses as of 2023.
  7. Projections indicate that around 33% of the total mobile ad spending 2023 will flow into Google Ads.
  8. The return on investment (ROI) for businesses using Google Ads is an impressive $8 for every $1 spent.

Google Ads Statistics Reviewed

1. Globally, Google Ads Has a User Reach of 90% Online. 

Google Ads is a powerful way for businesses, big and small, to reach lots of people online. In 2023, it can get your brand on websites, YouTube, and phone apps. Google Ads is a smart investment because it gives you $8 back for every dollar you spend, which is great in today’s competitive world.

Google Ads can show your ads to a massive audience—over 4.77 billion internet users! It can display ads on websites, phone apps, and YouTube. YouTube is a vast video site with 2.7 billion users, more than half of all internet users. You’re reaching billions of people if we include Google’s websites and apps on the Play Store. So, using Google Ads is a smart move if you want to grow your business.

2. Google Owns Over 92% of the Global Search Engine Market.

Google is the king of search engines worldwide, except in China, where Baidu rules with a 67% market share. Globally, Google owns a whopping 90% of the search engine market. This popularity makes it a top choice for brands looking to run ads and get people to buy their products or services.

3. A Total of 5.2 Billion Ads Were Removed in 2022.

Google recently launched 29 updated policies for advertisers and publishers, resulting in a significant crackdown on policy violations within its ads ecosystem. This crackdown included the removal of a staggering 5.2 billion non-compliant ads, restricting over 4.3 billion ads that violated policies, and suspending more than 6.7 million advertiser accounts.

4. 7.94 is the Average Clickthrough Rate for First-position-placed Ads on Google.

On average, when an ad appears as the first search result on Google, it receives a clickthrough rate of 7.94%. In other words, out of all the times this ad is displayed in response to user searches, roughly 7.94% of those times, users click on the ad to visit the linked website.

5. Text ads Are Prone to Attract 49% of Users.

Nearly half of those who see text ads will likely click on them. Text ads have a good chance of grabbing users’ attention and getting them to take action

The legal industry has the highest ad spending rate at $1.16 per second. This means that legal companies invest significantly in ads, aiming to reach their target audience effectively.

7. The Lowest Average Cost Per Click is in the E-commerce Sector at $6.75.

This indicates that e-commerce businesses pay less for each click on their ads, making it a cost-effective option for advertisements in this industry.

8. The Average Ad Conversion Rate on Google Searches Covering All Industries is 3.75%.

So, on average, about 3.75% of people who click on ads from Google searches end up taking the desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form. It’s a measure of how effective these ads are in turning clicks into valuable outcomes.

9. Location-customized Ads are Preferred by 80% of Consumers Online.

This personalization makes ads more relevant to users, increasing the chances of engagement and conversions. It’s a popular strategy in digital marketing, recognizing that consumers appreciate locally relevant content.

How Businesses Use Google Ads and Conversion Statistics

How Businesses Use Google Ads and Conversion Statistics

Google ads are notable preferences regarding what businesses and brands would use. Their high conversion rate optimization and reach based on the target audience place them at an advantage compared to other marketing mediums. This session covers the statistics related to business usage and rate of conversion.

10. The Percentage of SMBs Who Run PPC Campaigns is About 65%.

It’s a common marketing approach among SMBs to reach a broader audience. Many smaller businesses invest in online ads through PPC to promote their products or services.

11. Globally, 80% of Companies Depend on Google Ads for Their PPC Campaigns.

This indicates that many businesses worldwide use Google Ads as a primary platform for their online ads efforts, emphasizing its popularity and effectiveness in reaching their target audiences.

12. Over 1.2 Million Businesses Market Themselves Using Google Ads Algorithms.

Many businesses highlight the widespread adoption of Google Ads as a digital advertising solution, emphasizing its significance in marketing.

13. Google Ads Produce Twice the Number of Visitors SEO Generates for a Company.

Here, the effectiveness of Google Ads is proven in swiftly attracting visitors to a website compared to organic search engine results.

14. Clickthrough Rates Via Google (63%) are the Highest in Any Other Search Engine.

This means users are more likely to click on ads and organic results when they use Google for their online searches than other search engines. It shows Google’s high proficiency in connecting users with relevant content and ads.

15. As of 2023, 65% of Clicks are Attributed to Paid Campaigns From Google Ads.

This demonstrates paid ads’ significant impact and visibility in driving traffic and engagement on the platform.

16. About 65% of People Follow Ads to Make a Purchase.

Since approximately 65% of individuals rely on ads to guide their purchase decisions, many consumers find advertisements influential when making buying choices.

17. There is a 50% Chance That Customers Will Purchase Via Google Ads PPC Compared to Organic Searches.

Customers have a 50% likelihood of making purchases through Google Ads PPC, indicating that paid advertising often results in direct conversions compared to organic searches.

18. Companies That Use Google Ads for PPC are Up to 80%.

These statistics state that 80% of businesses use Google Ads for paid advertising campaigns. Most companies choose Google Ads to promote their products and services online.

19. Search Engine Results Have Their Top Paid Ads Generating About 46% of Clicks.

This goes a long way to show that top ads created with a suitable methodology are pretty effective at attracting people’s attention and engagement.

20. Google Ads Has an Average Conversion Rate of 4.40% and 0.57% on its Search and Display Networks, respectively.

In simple terms, Google Ads performs well when turning clicks into actions. On its search network, about 4.40% of people who click on ads take some desired action, like purchasing or signing up. On the display network, which includes ads on websites, this rate is lower at 0.57%, but it still contributes to conversions. 

21. Google Ads’ Average Conversion Rate is 75% Among Ad Channels.

Google Ads stands out as one of the top-performing advertising channels, with an average conversion rate of 75%. This means that many people who interact with Google Ads take desired actions. Examples of such activities include making a purchase or signing up. Hence, it’s a powerful tool for businesses to drive results.

22. The Rate of Purchases Via Ads is 50%.

Regarding ads, there’s a 50% likelihood that customers will make a purchase. This means that ads play a significant role in influencing consumer buying decisions and driving sales.

23. Google Search Network Conversion Rate is 17%, While the Display Network Converts an Average of 46%.

The conversion rate on Google’s search network stands at 17%, signifying the percentage of users who take a desired action after clicking on search ads. In contrast, the display network boasts an even higher average conversion rate of 46%, indicating the benefits of display ads in prompting user actions.

Revenue Statistics of Google Ads

Revenue Statistics

Although it is common knowledge that Google Ads generated over 78% for Google, other statistics on the topic are worth grasping.

24. In Q1 and Q2 of 2023, the total revenue from Google Ads was $112.69 billion

25. The total revenue generated for 2021 and 2022 was $2209.49 and $224.47 billion, respectively. 

26. 68% of Google Ads revenue is given to publishers for ad appearance.

27. The paid search market has Google owing at least 73% shares in 2023.

Shopping Statistics of Google

Google Shopping, a service by Craig Nevill-Manning, enables users to search for products and compare prices on various online shopping websites.

28. The average conversion rate for Google Shopping ads is 1.91%.

29. Google Shopping ads typically cost an average of $38.87.

30. Around 76.45% of the money spent on ads in retail goes to Google Shopping Ads. These Google Shopping and Adwords strategies are the reason behind 85.3% of the entire clicks generated.

31. The reported average CPC (cost per click) for Google shopping adverts is $0.66.

Statistics Based on Google Search Network

Google Search Network

Google Search Network offers advertising on various platforms, including search results, Google Maps, Google Images, and Google Shopping. This session discusses statistics and facts in line with the Google search network.

32. Statistically, 63% of individuals have clicked on a paid ad within Google search results.

33. Google Search Network offers six types of ads, ranging from text to call-only ads.

34. Among those who click on Google Search Network ads, 55% prefer text ads.

35. Text ads also receive 49% of the total ad clicks.

36. The Google search network has an impressive average click-through rate of 91%.

Statistics Based on Google Display Network

Google Display Network

Google Display Network extends its reach to 35 million websites, apps, and Google-owned platforms like YouTube and Gmail. This makes it a valuable choice for advanced marketing strategies.

37. Google Display Network has reached 90% of online consumers, offering an extensive audience.

38. A majority, 55% of companies, utilize display ads as part of their advertising efforts.

39. The average click-through rate (CTR) for Google Display Network is 35%

40. Google Display Network provides a variety of ad types with eight options.

41. Approximately 55% of companies employ display ads to enhance brand promotion.

42. The average click-through rate for the Google Display Network is around 33%.

Cost and Pricing of Google Ads in 2023

Cost and Pricing

The average cost per click (CPC) for Google Ads typically falls from $1 to $2. However, this figure can fluctuate depending on the specific industry.

43. Small and midsize businesses allocate an average ad budget of approximately $9,000 to $10,000 for advertising.

44. Regarding the Google Search Network, advertisers can expect an average CPC of $1 to $2.

45. For newcomers in the advertising realm, Google recommends setting a daily ad spend between $10 and $50.

46. The CPC for the Google Display Network is often $1 or even less.

47. On average, businesses dedicate around $9,000 to $10,000 to advertising campaigns.

48. Google Ads yields an excellent return on investment (ROI), generating $8 in profit for every $1 spent, resulting in an impressive 8:1 ROI.

Google Ads and Mobile Marketing

49. A substantial 61.9% of clicks on Google ads originate from mobile devices. 

50. Mobile ads considerably impact brand awareness, with the potential for a 46% increase in brand recognition through mobile advertising.

51. The ease of contacting businesses via mobile search is evident, as 60% of smartphone users have directly contacted companies using features like click-to-call.

52. The dominance of mobile is evident in the fact that Google received a remarkable 95% of its paid clicks from mobile phones.

53. The effectiveness of mobile ads surpasses that of other devices, with mobile advertising being five times more effective.

How Google Search Ads Influence Customer Behavior

Ads Influence Customer Behavior

The responses to the benefits of Google Ads by online consumers keep doubling as more people trust the system to deliver the required search results. These statistics in this session are to understand how the trend affects the digital populace.

54. 63% of individuals preferred to click on Google ads instead of ads on other networks, indicating a higher level of trust in Google’s advertisements.

55. 59% of people preferred searching online for purchase recommendations. 

56. 90% of consumers acknowledged that ads play a significant role in shaping their purchase decisions.

57. The ease of finding information is enhanced by paid search, with 75% of users reporting that paid search aids them in their information retrieval.

58. E-commerce continues to grow, with 66% of shoppers indicating a preference for online shopping.

59. Approximately half of users, precisely 50%, are unaware of the differences between paid ads and organic listings.

60. 49% of individuals reported that texts are the primary ads clicked.

61. 41% of users have acknowledged that digital advertisements are trustworthy.

Statistics on Google Adverts and Campaign Management

Adverts and Campaign Management

Managing campaign budgets or even how an advert goes online is the job of marketers. These statistics provide insight into marketers’ minds and how they advertise and create campaigns.

62. 79% of marketers consider PPC advertising crucial for business success.

63. Professional management of Google Ads typically costs brands between 12% and 30% of their monthly ad expenditure.

64. Effective campaign management requires an average of 30 minutes per week to adjust keywords, campaigns, and strategies based on performance.

65. Google Ads services set a minimum billing threshold for clients at approximately $10,000, representing around 15% of the ad spend.

What Prompts Individuals to Click Paid Adverts?

What Prompts Individuals to Click Paid Adverts

The Google ads statistics mentioned here identify some of the reasons why people click on paid adverts and the effectiveness of those ads.

66. 33% of individuals click on Google ads when they provide answers to their questions.

67. 26% mentioned they click on ads due to familiar brand mentions.

68. 75% of users said ads simplified their searches.

69. 43% of users purchased a product after seeing an ad.

70. 58% of millennials made purchases due to online ads.

71. 59% of users use mobile shopping to determine which brands to buy.

72. Paid ads have helped increase brand awareness by 33%.

How Revenue is Generated from Google Adsense

Google Adsense revenue

Google AdSense generates its revenue from different industries and in differing amounts. These revenue amounts are based on monthly page views and can only be estimated without pointing at any exact amount. The table below shows the potential annual revenue in different industries, which acts as statistics for future reference.

Monthly Page Views Arts And Entertainment Beauty And Fitness Shopping Real Estate
1 million $67,000 $156,000 $168,000 $178,000
2 million $137,000 $317,000 $337,000 $353,000
3 million $203,000 $470,000 $506,000 $528,000
4 million $271,000 $627,000 $675,000 $699,000
5 million $337,000 $780,000 $840,000 $870,000

Trends Say in 2023

Every year holds its record for outstanding performance or total failure. 2023 is yet to end, but there have been beautiful strides, especially in ads. As Google grows alongside digitalization, more markets must put their businesses out there so revenue increase continues. Here are some statistics to back these statements.

73. Google’s ad revenue is expected to grow 9.5% in 2023.

74. Approximately 77% of marketers intend to boost their spending on Google Ads in 2023.

75. Responsive search ads on Google have become a growing trend, with 84% of advertisers already using or planning to in 2023.

76. Incorporating a voice-over in Google ads can enhance ad recall by 25% and reduce the cost per lifted user by 50% compared to regular ads.


One of the most influential companies on the internet right now is Google. With its platform regarded as a top search engine, there is room for ads, promotion, and digital marketing. 

Google ads have existed for a while, helping businesses gain visibility, reach out to leads, and generate revenue. A good advert online has the potential to increase annual profit and stand you out from other competitors. Fun fact? Setting up the ads is usually easy, and it only requires a goal for the campaign, a few bucks, and an intended target audience. 

To further aid your trust and interest in the concept of Google ads, the statistics and facts already outlined provide a proper guide. Ultimately, while SEO and social media marketing are essential, one can never underestimate the power of ads.



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