How To Improve Your PPC Strategy With Call Tracking Software Revealed

How To Improve Your PPC Strategy With Call Tracking Software Revealed

Many marketing teams are already focusing much of their resources on pay-per-click (PPC) activity, and for good reason.

That being said, there are certain things you can do to ensure your PPC strategies are primed for success – such as implementing call tracking software.

This expert analytics tool lets you track every customer call and attribute them to the specific marketing sources that generated them.

This includes seeing the full journeys of customers from their first interaction down to the moment they called, and after.

With the wide variety of reports and insights you can receive from your software, you can direct your attention to the performance of your PPC activity.

You can monitor and dissect different aspects of your activities to see where you can maximise conversions with your PPC strategies. But this begs the question: how exactly can this be done?

Discover what resonates with your customers

Using call tracking, you can begin establishing what type of paid ad content resonates most with your customers, to help you enhance your leads across each campaign.

For instance, you might see an increase in calls from certain ads that talk about a specific aspect of your business – such as a product, your delivery service, or customer testimonials.

This insight can help you know how to structure your future ads for maximum leads, so your ad copy is more engaging for your customers.

Know the true ROI of your activity

To know the real return on investment (ROI) from each of your ads, you need to combine several forms of data in your reports. This is what makes call tracking a really valuable tool.

Many marketers fail to include calls, which is an offline source, in their reports when tracking PPC results. This can have a major impact on how much value you’re seeing from each campaign.

With call tracking, however, you’ll know exactly how many calls are being produced from each of your ads, helping you know their true contribution to your ROI, and giving you more direction for your strategies.

Cut unnecessary costs

Call tracking can also help you cut unnecessary costs when structuring your paid ad campaigns.

The software can show you what keywords are resulting in the most visitors to your paid ads, as well as the keywords that generate the most calls and revenue.

This provides evidence for which keywords you should be bidding on and where you can then remove the budget from any keywords that are not producing results.

In turn, you’ll have a more efficient structure for your paid ads with the lowest cost per lead possible for each campaign.

Streamline your processes

Various manual tasks can be both time-consuming and tricky to complete for marketers, which is why using call tracking for your PPC can be highly advantageous.

Your software can automate areas such as monitoring performance, revealing insights, search query mining, and reporting.

This can increase the efficiency of your paid ad processes, where all the data you need to develop the right strategies is easily gathered and presented on your call tracking platform.

You’ll then have more time and resources to direct towards optimising these ads based on the analytics and reports given.

PPC continues to be a crucial component in successful marketing, which is why an efficient tool like call tracking software can be what your business needs to maximise results.

What strategies will you be incorporating with your new analytics tool?

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