Rohit Vedantwar en LinkedIn: Video SEO: Tips & Best Practices

Here are 5 Sitemap tips to brighten up your Monday’s SEO practice!

The first and foremost

👉 Submit your sitemap to the search engines,

Otherwise, how will you let Google know about you?


👉 Use XML sitemaps


👉 Include only the most important pages in your sitemap

Don’t forget to add the
– Homepage
– Category pages
– Top-level product pages

And always avoid the invaluable pages

Next is to,

👉 Update the sitemap on a regular basis

This ensures the crawl ability of your new pages quickly,

(It’s like calling Google and saying Hi I’m here with new info for you)


👉 Prioritize your URLs based on your goals

For this,

Use the “priority” attribute in your XML sitemap to indicate the importance of each URL

with 1.0 being the highest priority.

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