Google launches perspectives filter in mobile search results

Google launches perspectives filter in mobile search results

Google has begun the rollout of the new perspectives filter in the mobile search results this weekend. This feature was announced at Google I/O and we have seen previews and tests from Google over the past months related to this feature and now it is live.

What it looks like. Here is a screenshot of the feature, you can see it by searching on mobile and sliding the search bar filters until you see a “perspectives” option. Click on the “perspectives” option to load those results:

More about perspectives. Searchers can filter their search results to show results to see videos, blogs and forums. These results aim to show people a more “lived experience” to their search queries, Liz Reid, VP of Search at Google, told Search Engine Land at Google I/O. These searchers are able to see answers from people who are sharing their own personal perspectives and these answers are provided in a user interface that is more friendly and consumable to the younger searcher.

When you tap on the perspectives filter, you will see more long and short-form videos, images, and written posts that people have shared on discussion boards, Q&A sites, and social media platforms, Google explained.

We saw Google testing perspectives early on, but those two examples are different from what we covered here. I spotted this in early May.

Hat tip to Kumarpal Shah for spotting this on Saturday.

Why we care. Here is a new way to see content within forums, videos, blogs and other formats where people are giving their view and perspectives on a specific topic.

The filter is deep inside the search filter bar, so it is not clear how many people will use it but it is rolling out now and some of you may be able to play with it to see if your content shows up for some queries.

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