RADCOM unveils cell congestion and RAN-aware video optimization Solution

Telecom Lead Middle East: RADCOM, a service assurance provider, announced a video optimization solution based on RADCOM and HP technologies that will help communications operators boost customer loyalty.

RADCOM’s Omni-Q Service Assurance platform and HP Subscriber, Network and Application Policy (HP SNAP), in conjunction with Policy Enforcement and Video Optimization platforms, monitor cell and Radio Access Network (RAN) congestion.

RADCOM’s probe-based Omni-Q provides real-time QoE monitoring and cell congestion detection information to HP SNAP. HP SNAP orchestrates congestion resolution by managing Video Optimization and Policy Enforcement elements, using standard 3GPP interfaces, thus, reducing the bandwidth consumption for applications being used by subscribers in the congested cells.

“With the surge in smartphone adoption and the explosion in video streaming and over-the-top (OTT) application traffic, RAN congestion is a major concern for wireless carriers worldwide,” said Eyal Harari, RADCOM’s VP Products and Marketing. “With this solution, operators can now support more subscribers on their existing network, while improving users’ Quality of Experience (QoE), and reducing the need for costly network capacity expansions.”

The solution, which is available for LTE, UMTS and CDMA networks, enables operators to improve subscribers’ overall QoE and ensures that critical applications are unaffected by RAN congestion. It also enables more efficient video and web traffic management by applying algorithms that are optimized for the congestion level in each cell, thus achieving an additional improvement in QoE.

“To compete with rivals, communications operators must use new technologies to build new businesses,” says Miguel Carrero, general manager of actionable customer intelligence, communications media and entertainment, Enterprise Services, HP. “Together with HP SNAP, RADCOM presents a seamless integration between traditional network monitoring and troubleshooting solutions to help operators retain customers and attract new business.”

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