Viaccess-Orca unveils AI-driven video optimization solutions at the 2024 NAB Show

Viaccess-Orca (VO), a leader providing OTT and TV platforms, content protection, and advanced data solutions, announced today that the company will demonstrate how the human side of technology is simplifying service operations and optimizing viewing experiences at the 2024 NAB Show. VO’s data-centric and AI-driven solutions empower service providers to simplify their operations and enhance viewer satisfaction by enabling personalized viewing experiences.

“At the 2024 NAB Show, we’ll demonstrate how our blend of human ingenuity and AI is reshaping video delivery and monetization,” said Alain Nochimowski, Chief Technology Officer at VO. “We look forward to showing operators and service providers our latest innovations that simplify operations, drive new revenue streams, and optimize viewing experiences.”

VO will demonstrate new innovations for reducing complexity, augmenting human expertise with AI, and ensuring superior streaming experiences:

Streamlining operations

VO will unveil Multi-X, a new cross-platform solution that enables service providers to manage diverse operational groups through a single, unified offering. NAB Show attendees can see how Multi-X caters to various business requirements, including multi-regions, multi-brands, and multi-enterprises, ensuring a customized TV experience for each group’s unique user base.

Prioritizing user experiences

VO will showcase its state-of-the-art TV platform as an end-to-end, data-driven solution for delivering outstanding viewing experiences. This includes VO’s service delivery platform, content protection and multi-DRM, a multiplatform video player, customizable TV apps, business analytics, AI-based targeted TV advertising, FAST, end-to-end monitoring, and AI-based recommendations.

Driving monetization with AI

VO is empowering video service providers to adapt to the evolving TV landscape by using AI, ML, and MLOps across its product offerings, including the company’s TV platform, Secure Video Player, Targeted TV Advertising solution, and Anti-Piracy Services.

At the NAB Show, VO will highlight its Audience Segmentation Service (VO Segmenter), a groundbreaking offering — shortlisted for the IABM BaM Awards — that empowers video service providers to segment viewers based on various geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral criteria to drive revenue growth. Additionally, VO will demonstrate its utilization of large language models (LLM) through integration with LLMs on Microsoft Azure, including Azure OpenAI Service. This integration elevates personalized content discovery, recommendations, and protection.

Improving quality of service and experience

VO’s QoX suite is helping operators and service providers ensure superior streaming experiences. Offered as a SaaS with state-of-the-art QoE and QoS monitoring, failure prediction, and device monitoring, QoX enables operators to improve subscriber satisfaction, reduce churn, extend viewing times, and ultimately grow their revenues.


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