SEOs, Don’t Remove Contact Us & About Us Pages

Google’s John Mueller asked if it would be all right not to list a Contact Us and About Us page on their website. The reason is, they would only add it if Google wanted it (but don’t do things for Google, Google said), but not for users. John Mueller responded, “I can think of good reasons for some sites to have these kinds of pages, but, after double-checking, there’s nothing in our search developer documentation that suggests this is needed.”

He said this on X after the question was, “I am trying to convince my company to add a contact us and/or about us page to our website. We are an online directory/blog for a niche sport (but run by a ecommerce company in that sport). Do you have any tips I can present to them as to why it’s important?”

But that doesn’t mean you should all go around removing your about us and contact us pages from your site. In most cases, I have to assume, your users do want to be able to read more about your site and also have a way to contact you?

Here are those posts:

Now, Google Shopping does require a contact method for being in the product results. So there may be some vertical search features that do need contact us forms.

Also, Google said it would not penalize for not listing a mailing address on your website. Plus, keep in mind, Google may try to use your contact us form to reach out with SEO issues, Google has spoken about this not just once, but twice.

Also note, it is in the Search Quality Raters guidelines:

Here was my half-joking response:

Forum discussion at X.

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