Top 10 Bing Ads Agencies for Strategic Online Advertising

Bing Ads emerge as a pivotal component of Digital Marketing, often overshadowed yet crucial for a comprehensive marketing strategy. This guide illuminates the multifaceted benefits and common pitfalls of Bing Ads, offering expert insights into their growing relevance.

As Bing’s platform evolves, understanding its nuances becomes essential for businesses aiming to maximize their online impact. Here, we delve into the essentials of Bing Ads, guiding you through the process of selecting an adept agency to harness these benefits effectively.

Top Bing Ads Agency Choices


bing ads agencies


Location: Paramus, New Jersey

Pricing: Minimum Project Size is $1,000+

Best for: Small and Medium Size Businesses

Clients: Northstar Aviation, TeamFunded, Perfect Maid

SmartSites offers a comprehensive approach to Bing Ads, blending innovative strategies with data-driven insights. They specialize in creating custom Bing Ads campaigns that integrate seamlessly with your overall digital marketing plan, ensuring a unified approach. Their services include in-depth keyword research, engaging ad creation, and continuous campaign optimization. With a track record of boosting ROI for a diverse range of clients, SmartSites is a reliable partner for businesses seeking to enhance their online visibility through Bing Ads.

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Location: Arlington, Texas

Pricing: Minimum Project Size is $1,000+

Best for: Enterprises, Large and Small brands

Clients: Quick Catch, TBELL Actors Studio, ZCS Engineering

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is a digital marketing agency that transforms Bing Ads into dynamic tools for growth. They offer personalized solutions that resonate with your target audience, utilizing creative ad designs and strategic keyword targeting. Thrive’s expertise extends beyond Bing Ads, encompassing a full suite of digital marketing services. They focus on optimizing your campaigns for increased traffic and visibility, making them a comprehensive partner for businesses aiming to expand their digital footprint.

Disruptive Advertising

Location: Pleasant Grove, Utah

Pricing: Minimum Project Size: $5,000+ 

Best for: Businesses of all sizes

Clients: Honey Bee Stamps, Doomlings, MyHealthTeam

Disruptive Advertising is known for its innovative approach to Bing Ads. They specialize in crafting impactful campaigns that challenge traditional marketing norms. Their expertise in Bing’s platform is evident in their tailored campaigns, which are designed to meet your unique business objectives. With a strong emphasis on data analysis and creative ad development, Disruptive is an ideal choice for companies seeking a distinctive and effective online marketing strategy.


Location: London, New York, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vilnius

Pricing: Minimum project size $5,000+

Best for: Enterprise, Small and Midmarket Businesses

Clients: Xilnex, ElmoSoft, OurWorld Meta

Ninja Promo excels in crafting detailed Bing Ads campaigns. They focus on understanding your business and audience, creating campaigns that align with your specific goals. Their services include comprehensive keyword research and ongoing campaign optimization, ensuring effectiveness and cost-efficiency. Ninja Promo’s competitive pricing and expertise make them a standout choice for businesses looking to enhance their digital marketing efforts.

Clicks Digital

Location: Berlin, Germany

Pricing: Available upon request

Best for: Small to medium-sized businesses

Clients: Cyberport, Rollei, Piper, Budapester

Clicks Digital is a PPC agency that offers a unique approach to Bing Ads management, capitalizing on the platform’s competitive advantages like lower competition and cost-effective click prices. Their expertise in B2B sectors and international markets translates into effective management of your Bing Ads campaigns. Clicks Digital’s approach includes comprehensive audits and optimization, ensuring alignment with your marketing objectives. Their seamless integration of data from Google Ads to Bing makes them a top choice for businesses looking to expand their online reach.

Tuff Growth

Location: Eagle, Colorado

Pricing: Minimum Project Size is $5,000+

Best for: Medium-Sized Businesses and Enterprises

Clients: Sharetown, Tech Heads, Thinks, Bootcamp

Tuff Growth, a paid media agency, specializes in scaling PPC campaign results for business growth. Their team develops strategies that enhance the effectiveness of your Bing Ads campaigns. Tuff Growth’s tailored approach ensures optimized reach and conversion rates. Their diverse team, with members spread across the US, brings a variety of insights, enhancing your business’s online presence and driving more traffic through Bing Ads.

MCM Click

Location: London, UK

Pricing: Available upon request

Best for: Small to medium-sized businesses

Clients: Mark Allen, Nineteen Group, Evening Standard, Financial Times

MCM advocates for Bing Ads as a cost-effective alternative to Google Ads. They specialize in targeted campaigns that effectively reach users ready to convert, making them highly efficient for inquiry-based advertisers. MCM Net tailors your campaigns for traffic, conversions, and lead generation, with expertise in various ad formats, positioning them as a preferred Bing Ads agency.

WebIndia Inc

Location: Ahmedabad, India

Pricing: Minimum Project Size is $1,000

Best for: Small Businesses to Enterprises

Clients: CakesToday, Only Eagles, AED USA

Specializing in Bing Ads, WebIndia offers a pathway to increased traffic and revenue through the Bing and Yahoo search engines. Their focus on ROI, competitive Cost-Per-Click, and transparency distinguishes them. WebIndia ensures expert setup of your ad manager account, precise budget specification, and meticulous campaign monitoring. Their commitment to quality and customer-centric approach makes them a valuable partner in your digital marketing endeavors.


Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Pricing: Minimum Project Size is $5,000+

Best for: Medium-Sized Agencies and Enterprises

Clients: Code Red Safety, Staffing Future, Kyber Security

Uplead, catering to SaaS and B2B tech companies, excels in creating high-converting Bing Ads campaigns. Their data-driven approach sets them apart, focusing on ideal client analysis and keyword research. Uplead manages your Bing Ads campaigns comprehensively, from setup to optimization, ensuring maximized sales and ROI. Their industry specialization and commitment to data-driven strategies make them a top choice for tech companies leveraging Bing Ads.

Mosaic eMarketing

Location: Hudson, Ohio

Pricing: Available upon request

Best for: Small to mid-sized businesses

Clients: O’Neil Healthcare, Sotera Health, Woodland Deck Company

Mosaic eMarketing, a certified Bing Ads Agency, specializes in maximizing your marketing budget with strategic Bing ads. Their analytics-driven strategies and demographic targeting ensure a strong ROI. With Mosaic eMarketing, you benefit from a holistic approach to paid marketing tailored to your business data. Their commitment to data-driven digital marketing strategies ensures effective campaigns, leveraging Bing’s unique advantages.

Review of the Top 10 Bing Ads Agencies

Below is a review of the top Bing Ads Agencies and why we’ve identified them as standouts from the rest.

Specialty in creating custom Bing Ads campaigns

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Creative ad designs and strategic keyword research

Strong data analysis and creative ad development

Comprehensive keyword research and ongoing campaign optimization

Ability to integrate data from Google ads to Bing ads

Tailored approach to optimize ad reach and conversion rates

Approach that favors inquiry-based advertisement

Focus on ROI, CPC, and transparency

Data driven approach favoring SaaS and B2B tech clients

Certification in Bing Ads, analytics-driven strategies for strong ROI

Examining the Key Metrics of Bing Ads

Understanding and leveraging the right metrics can significantly impact your Bing ads campaign’s success. Bing Ads, a potent platform in this space, offers unique opportunities and insights. Let’s delve into the key metrics that shape the effectiveness of your Bing Ads campaigns.

Bing Ads: Essential Metrics to Monitor

Your CTR is a vital sign of how compelling your ads are to your audience. On Bing Ads, the average CTR stands at 2.83%. This metric indicates the percentage of people who see your ad and are persuaded enough to click on it. A higher CTR suggests that your ad is relevant and engaging to your target audience.

The average ad position, standing at 2.95 for Bing Ads, is a measure of how your ad ranks against others. This ranking determines the visibility of your ad. In simpler terms, the closer your ad’s position is to number one, the more likely it is to be seen by potential customers. Understanding and improving your ad position can significantly enhance your ad’s effectiveness.

For Bing Ads, the average CPC is around $1.54. This cost varies across industries and is influenced by factors like competition and ad quality. By monitoring your CPC, you can better manage your advertising budget and refine your bidding strategy to maximize return on investment.

Conversion rate is a critical measure of your ad’s ability to turn clicks into desired actions, be it a purchase, sign-up, or another goal. With an average conversion rate of 7.26% on Bing Ads, this metric tells you how effectively your ad is meeting its objectives. A higher conversion rate means your ad is not only attracting clicks but is also successful in converting these prospects into valuable actions.

Understanding these key metrics will empower you to optimize your Bing Ads campaigns effectively. Remember, these numbers are not just statistics; they’re insights into the behavior and preferences of your audience. Use them wisely to refine your strategies, and you’ll see marked improvements in your digital advertising efforts on Bing.

Understanding Pricing Levels of Top Bing Ads Agencies

When selecting a Bing Ads agency, understanding their pricing structure is crucial for budget planning and ensuring a good fit for your business needs. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing levels of some top Bing Ads agencies:

Economy Range

Agencies: SmartSites, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, Webindia

Average Hourly Rate: $50 – $99/hr

Minimum Project Size: $1,000 to $5,000

Best Suited For: These agencies cater to small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). They offer budget-friendly Bing Ads services, including keyword research, ad creation, and campaign optimization. These services are ideal for businesses looking to start advertising on Bing but lack the budgets for continuous placements.


Agencies: Disruptive Advertising, Ninja Promo, Uplead, Tuff Growth

Average Hourly Rate: $100 – $149/hr

Minimum Project Size: $5,000+

Best Suited For: These agencies cater to a broad spectrum of businesses, from small to large companies. They offer comprehensive Bing Ads services, including in-depth keyword research, creative ad creation, and continuous campaign optimization. Ideal for businesses looking for a blend of affordability and expert service.

Custom Pricing Model

Agencies: Clicks Digital, MCM Click, Mosaic eMarketing

Pricing Details: Available upon request

Best Suited For: These agencies typically cater to businesses of all sizes and offer tailored pricing based on specific campaign needs and business objectives. Their services range from targeted campaign creation to comprehensive PPC management, making them suitable for businesses seeking customized solutions.

By understanding these pricing levels, businesses can make more informed decisions when selecting a Bing Ads agency that aligns with their budget and marketing objectives.


Over the past six years, our team has rigorously reviewed over 14000 agencies, drawing upon our extensive experience in the digital marketing space and the insights gained from over 3000 articles we’ve authored. Our methodology for selecting the top Bing Ads agencies involved a detailed analysis of each agency’s proficiency in Bing Ads, their track record of client success, and the effectiveness and innovation of their campaigns. We assessed both qualitative aspects, such as industry recognition and certifications, and quantitative factors like client ROI and campaign scalability. This comprehensive approach, blending in-depth data analysis with our seasoned expertise, ensures that our list accurately represents the most capable agencies in leveraging Bing Ads for a variety of business objectives.


Navigating the world of Bing Ads requires a blend of expertise, strategic thinking, and an understanding of digital trends. This comprehensive guide serves as your roadmap, providing the insights and tools necessary to leverage Bing Ads for optimal marketing success. By choosing the right agency and embracing the evolving landscape of Bing Ads, businesses can unlock new avenues of growth and audience engagement, ensuring a robust and diversified online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Bing Ads and how do they differ from Google Ads?

Bing Ads, now known as Microsoft Advertising, are a form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on the Bing search engine. While similar to Google Ads, Bing Ads often have lower competition and cost-per-click rates. This can result in more affordable advertising options, especially for businesses targeting audiences who predominantly use Bing as their search engine.

Can I target specific demographics with Bing Ads?

Yes, Bing Ads offers robust targeting options, allowing advertisers to reach specific demographics based on factors like age, gender, location, and even device type. This helps ensure your ads are displayed to the most relevant audience, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

How does the bidding process work in Bing Ads?

Bing Ads operates on a bidding system similar to other PPC platforms. Advertisers set a maximum bid amount they’re willing to pay for each click on their ad. The actual cost per click is determined by factors including the bid amount, ad relevance, and the competitiveness of the keyword. The system is designed to provide cost-effective ad placements while maintaining fair competition among advertisers.

Is it possible to import campaigns from Google Ads to Bing Ads?

Yes, Bing Ads provides a straightforward process for importing campaigns from Google Ads. This feature is particularly useful for advertisers looking to expand their reach without having to recreate campaigns from scratch. The import tool allows for adjustments and optimizations specific to the Bing platform.

What kind of support and resources does Bing Ads offer for new advertisers?

Bing Ads offers a range of resources for new advertisers, including detailed guides, tutorials, and a comprehensive help center. Additionally, they provide support through various channels like email, phone, and even social media. For businesses new to PPC or Bing Ads, these resources can be invaluable in setting up and optimizing campaigns effectively.

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