Video SEO for insurance online marketing

Insurance marketing online is still a wide-open field.

As of yet, the market is far from being saturated. This means that companies and agents looking for new clients have a better chance of being found in any type of online search by the people they are trying to reach. To take advantage of this, the insurance industry should look into how to insurance online marketing tactics with video and other SEO techniques.

Video marketing in all sectors is big right now.

The average web user will scan an article or read very little and then move on to something else. However, when faced with a video, many users will watch rather than read. If you can get the video off to a fun and informative start, they will continue to watch. As a bonus, YouTube videos are appearing high in Google search results now, which is a great way to be found by potential insurance clients. Research how to produce quality Meta descriptions and how to use tags for better results with Google and other search engines.

Those that delve into video marketing have found some great results for some very specific reasons. The market is rather new, so get those videos out there. Videos can reduce what is called a bounce rate. Simply put, visitors stay longer on a blog or website that has video. Most importantly, well-produced video will give a site credibility and is a great way to bolster branding credibility. Don’t forget to share videos you have found on other sites as well. This brings traffic to your site.

For better insurance video results and Google rankings,

there are a few things to keep in mind. First, put some thought into your title. The title should contain your most important keyword phrase, but should also be short and to the point. Keep one video per page on your blog or website, and be sure to have sharing options so your video can be passed around to other sites. These backlinks help your Google search rankings as much as or even more so than your text keyword saturation.

Other video marketing tips include making a high quality video as well as an informative piece that will keep the attention of the target audience. Avoid an all-out sales pitch. Instead, keep it simple. If you can find a way to add humor, your video will be even more valuable. Don’t forget to encourage sharing and share other interesting videos in your blog as well.

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