Video Marketing Software ‘Bookmark Alpha’ Emerges As An Ultimate Video SEO Tool


CHON BURI, THAILAND / ACCESSWIRE / October 13, 2015 / Tony Hayes recognized for creating advanced Video Marketing Software takes the lead with his launch of Bookmark Alpha. Tony stated after initially releasing this new video marketing tool to his longtime customers, “Bookmark Alpha, my latest automated Social Bookmarking Software has just been released and it’s looking really good! Bookmark Alpha is our second “Alpha” software tool following on from Video Synd Alpha, and as the name suggests its an automated social bookmarking tool and contains strategies way beyond anything else available in other video marketing software tools.”

Tony goes on to describe some of the features the new Video Marketing Software Bookmark Alpha provides, “I have designed Bookmark Alpha with Video marketers in mind as well as websites, this shows with the various automated one click options to pull in 86 variations of URLs used by YouTube. A simple example would be when YouTube Video is being watched on a mobile device the url is mobile specific. There are in total 86 variations in various circumstances that YouTube use and we have the ability to add the original desktop url provided by YouTube and one click to grab the other 85. These can then be sent to the Bookmark Alpha tab which is designed for posting to tier one social bookmarking sites and also for tier 2 tab which has Pligg sites and we will be adding PHPDug and Scuttle Plus there too.”

Personally having used and tested the pre-launch or what is called a review issue of this new social bookmarking software there are some conclusions to be made. Video marketers are reminded that bookmarking with established sites is a good use of Bookmark Alpha, It is far better to use fewer accounts on established sites and build them up over time to look like real social bookmark accounts.

One of the most useful aspects of Bookmark Alpha is the One Click Social Account Creator. The primary usefulness of this to anyone would be being able to choose which accounts are wanted, for example choosing just established sites or just tier 2 sites and for those that buy into the bookmarking networks which are built on expired domains then they can also choose just network sites or any variation of the above 3 options. The account creator has a built in profile generator, a one click build account creator and for those that want to create accounts around a product and want to create user names with specific keywords in the user names.

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Here is a video which goes into detail about what Bookmark Alpha does and how this revolutionary Video Marketing and SEO Software works:

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