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In the latest episode of Shark Tank India 3, the second pitcher of the day is Kanikka Dewanii. Her brand sells luxurious and affordable skin and body care products for salons to alleviate customer’s experience.
Her ask is Rs 90 lakh for 1%.
While discussing the brand, Vineeta calls it gimmicky. Peyush Bansal says, “No, this is not gimmicky. I will take the salon service.”Kanikka impresses all as she informs that her parents invested in Rs 3 crore to set up the business.Peyush and Azhar make an offer together but with royalty. Anupam also makes an offer with royalty. Kanikka shares she doesn’t want to go for royalty. Vineeta joins Anupam and makes a counter offer with no royalty.
Peyush and Azhar again make counter offer matching Kanikka’s offer. Kanikka takes some time and accept the offer at 90 lakh for 1.5%.

Ritesh Agarwal introduces his own catchphrase in Shark Tank India 3: Ritesh ka nivesh

The third pitchers of the day are – Varinder Singh, Nitin Saluja and Rouble Gupta. They claim to have invented a washing machine, that’ll wash clothes in 80 secs. They do a test on a white towel by spilling coffee over it. Vineeta goes to spill coffee heself.
This raises eyebrows and the Sharks question their invention. The pitchers inform that they make it easier for hospitals and hotels. The washing machine also uses less water.

After the first wash, the towel doesn’t clean. They share that it will clean after 2-3 cycles. The pitchers also inform that they have sold it to hospitals, salons and hotels.
Anupam says that by making the claim of 80 seconds wash, “Aapne apne pair me kulhadi maar li hai.” Aman says, “zero demo, zero invention hai, zero technology. Tell me which hotel, you have sold it off, I will never visit that hotel. This is water boiling machine.” Peyush tells them that their product is at early stage and they are presenting it as a brand.

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