PPC and SEO Don’t Need to Compete for Marketing Budget

PPC and SEO Don’t Need to Compete for Marketing Budget

Can’t we all just get along?

The perennial conflict between paid ads and earned media is perhaps more stark than ever—but pay-per-click and SEO don’t have to always be at each other’s throats for a bigger cut of the marketing budget. In fact, they work extremely well together: The strategies and strengths of PPC and SEO can work in tandem, reinforcing their disparate values that ultimately lead to conversions and engagement.

In the spirit of world peace—and as the dust on the latest Google algorithm update has settled a bit for brands and platforms—here are a few ways you can use them together to mitigate each channel’s limitations and get the maximum benefit from each.

Improve Quality Score

What’s Quality Score? According to Google, it’s a rating of the overall user experience your ads and landing pages provide when users search for you.



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