How to Find the Tags of Any YouTube Video with TubeSpy

If you are a YouTube content creator trying to find out how to rank your video, then the process is pretty much the same as Google; you need to add the right keywords, a perfect title, and a video description. Naming your file in more descriptive titles before uploading them is also important. All this is part of video SEO and should be considered if you want people to find your content.

Using TubeSpy to check the tags of a YouTube video

You can find all these metrics by analyzing your competitor’s YouTube videos. But there is another vital thing you cannot easily extract from the competitor’s videos: tags. You cannot see what tags other people are using. These are vital since they help keep the videos in searches and assist users in quickly discovering videos. These tags are hidden from the users, so finding them can be slightly tricky.

There are methods to determine what tags your competitors use in their YouTube videos. To make things easier, there are Chrome and other browser extensions that can also help you extract and analyze tags. These tools do most of the hard work; you just have to analyze and read them before putting them in your videos. The Chrome extension, TubeSpy, is just one of those tools that make that process much easier.

How to find YouTube video tags manually

Before going through what TubeSpy offers, let’s go through the steps you’d have to do if you’ll it manually.

  1. Open the YouTube video on your desired browser.
  2. Right-click the page and select “View Source”.
  3. After opening, press Ctrl+F and search for “keywords” in the source code.
  4. Searching will take you to the block of code where Tags are.

As you can see, you’ll have to look through the page’s source codes just to look at the tags. With the TubeSpy extension, it can easily extract tags and keywords from a video; all you need to do is add it to your browser from the Chrome web store. Once you’ve installed it, the software will automatically show all the keywords and tags.

TubeSpy makes it easier for upcoming content creators to know what’s the latest keyword trend used by their competition to help them get ranked as well. If you’re interested, the extension is available on Chrome and is free to use.

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