Gyeongseong Creature’s actor Park Seo-joon addresses allegations of disrespect to Korean freedom fighters

In a recent interview with OSEN, Gyeongseong Creature‘s lead, Park Seo-joon, addressed allegations of disrespect toward Korean freedom fighters in the period drama. He clarified that there was no intention to disrespect anyone and explained the genuine motives driving his character’s actions.

Since its debut, the K-drama, Gyeongseong Creature, has been lauded for certain aspects while facing criticism for others. Initially, it received negative feedback for lacking chemistry, unprofessional VFX, and subpar acting. Subsequently, fans raised concerns about its portrayal of freedom fighters in the context of a period drama.

Park Seo-joon elucidated the true intentions behind his character’s mindset. This attempt to provide insight into the character’s perspective was to alleviate the concerns raised by viewers regarding the portrayal of historical figures in the drama.

His response to these negative comments was:

“I never tried to demean the independence fighters.”

Park Seo-joon clarifies Gyeongseong Creature criticisms and controversies

Acknowledging the above-mentioned criticism, Park Seo-joon expressed his understanding that every show, just like Gyeongseong Creature, regardless of its merits, receives mixed reactions. He emphasized the inevitability of both positive and negative responses. He stated:

“There are always fans who are disappointed, just as there are fans who enjoy the project. Seeing this, I have never become emotionally invested in the criticism.”

The contentious point in Gyeongseong Creature is its portrayal of Korean freedom fighters as betrayers, a depiction that did not sit well with some viewers. Park Seo-joon responded to these allegations, asserting that his character, Jang Tae-sang, may initially express disinterest in the independence movement but in reality, holds the cause close to his heart.

The actor provided insights into the complexity of his character. He said:

“Jang Tae Sang (played by Park Seo Joon) might claim that he has no interest in the independence movement, but his mother was an independence fighter, and I think in his heart, he is one too. Throughout the K-drama, my character focused on the people he wanted to protect, and the people of Bon Jeong Street were the most important.”

He continued:

“Tae-sang may have claimed that money was most important, but he tried his best to save everyone, and had he not done so, the people wouldn’t have helped him in return. He may have tried to reject (the independence movement) at first, but he always came through for them in the end.”

Park Seo-Joon elaborated on the internal conflict of his Gyeongseong Creature character. He clarified:

“I never tried to demean the independence fighters while filming, but seeing these reactions, I realized it might be portrayed that way. I don’t believe that the K-drama insults the independence fighters. They are the reason why I am alive today.”

The actor’s statements revealed a deeper layer to the character’s motives, emphasizing that despite outward appearances, Tae-sang’s actions reflect a commitment to protecting those he cares about.

Gyeongseong Creature, despite facing criticism, has already been renewed for a second season. The first season, set in a historical period, will be followed by a modern-day narrative in the upcoming season.

The decision to continue the series has generated anticipation among fans, who are curious to see how the makers will address the criticisms and potentially enhance the show’s quality. The move to proceed with a second season reflects a bold and challenging choice by the series creators. Fans now eagerly await the changes and improvements that will be implemented in the upcoming season.

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