Park Seo-joon and PD Na dish about “big event that shook Korea” as they shed light on Kim Taehyung’s military enlistment in recent livestream

On December 12, 2023, Park Seo-joon and PD Na discussed Kim Taehyung’s military enlistment during their livestream conducted on the Egg is Coming YouTube channel, which also included Daeju. This came a day after the Love Me Again singer enlisted for his mandatory military service at the training center along with fellow group member Kim Namjoon on December 11. All the BTS members gathered to send off the duo for their military service.

In the recent livestream, PD Na mentioned that Kim Taehyung’s military enlistment was one of the biggest events that occurred in South Korea, shaking the entire country. Speaking to Park Seon-joon and referring to the idol’s military service, he commented, as translated by Twitter user @Romantic_Tae:

“There was a big event that shook Korea.”

“I think he will adjust well” – Park Seo-joon and PD Na speak about Kim Taehyung’s military enlistment

As PD Na noticed a lot of viewers sending purple hearts in the comment section of the livestream, he mentioned that many fans of Kim Taehyung were watching the live and began discussing the idol with Park Seo-joon.

They spoke about how he might be doing during his military enlistment. As translated by Twitter user @Romantic_Tae, when PD Na asked about V’s send-off, Park Seo-joon replied:

“Yes, I saw his face (met him) and had a phone call before his enlistment. He said bravely he would come back safely, and his voice was so bright. So I think he will adjust well. Taehyung is so friendly that I think he will adjust as soon as he goes.”

The duo mentioned that it would now be the second day for Kim Taehyung in his military service. While Daeju mentioned that he might be having a hard time, he suggested that the idol would probably be occupied with cleaning and maintenance work.

PD Na then speculated that he may have received his military boots by now, while Park Seo-joon spoke about him passing the physical examination. By the end of the conversation, PD Na mentioned that Kim Taehyung would do well and stated:

“It’s not the time for full-fledged training yet. I think our Taehyung is probably doing well right now. Because our Taehyung is a world star.”

The trio’s conversation about Kim Taehyung’s well-being left fans emotional and elated. They took to Twitter to react to Park Seo-joon and PD Na discussing V’s military enlistment in the recent live stream.

They stated that the Love Me Again singer has several people who care about him and speculated about what he might be doing right now. Even though fans expressed that they miss him, they stated that they would continue to pray for Kim Taehyung’s safety and well-being while he serves in the military.

The idol is set to be discharged from his military service in 2025 and will reportedly reunite with the group members in the same year.

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