Seeing the impact of your efforts on business can be rewarding: Daksh Kapoor, Kapsons Group

Daksh Kapoor, the chief marketing officer of Kapsons Group, speaks about his achievements, challenges and helping the platform achieve its potential

Mumbai: Daksh Kapoor is the chief marketing officer of Kapsons Group. As head of Marketing and Communications, Daksh presides over the creative sphere of the company’s growth. He oversees Kapsons’s advertisement, brand building, e-commerce marketing, and public relations. He also leads companywide innovation and the latest product creations.

Kapoor joined Kapsons Group in 2017 as a management trainee and subsequently worked across every department to gain a comprehensive understanding of the organization. He then transformed the marketing domain of the company with his detail-oriented and analytical expertise. A go-getter, he took a fresh approach to digital engagement and expanding business.

Kapoor who holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business and Marketing from the Singapore Institute of Management, speaks to IndiaRetailing about his achievements, challenges and helping the platform achieve its potential

I enjoy being in Retail because….
Retail is a dynamic and fast-paced industry. As a marketing professional, this environment allows you to stay on your toes and continuously adapt your strategies to keep up with the latest trends.

Also, retail places a strong emphasis on understanding and catering to customer needs and desires where I get to lead customer-centric marketing initiatives that enhance the overall shopping experience, build brand loyalty, and foster long-term relationships with customers. Seeing the impact of your efforts directly on business performance can be incredibly rewarding.

As a chief marketing officer, I can leverage continuously evolving technologies and innovations to create personalized, data-driven marketing campaigns, improve customer engagement, and explore new avenues for growth.

Overall, the retail industry presents a dynamic and ever-changing landscape that keeps marketing professionals like you engaged, motivated, and enthusiastic about driving business growth and success.

The biggest professional challenge I face is…

  • In an already saturated market, one needs to stay ahead of the change to maintain relevance, which can prove to be challenging at times. To figure out a specific niche and cater to something out of the ordinary has become a necessity.
  • Building relationships with brands, national and international alike, and getting them to put their faith in you is a challenge in itself, because the bigger the association, the bigger the responsibility. Making sure the brand requirements are being met to their liking is something you need to ace, irrefutably.
  • Making the most of the opportunities on portals like A+ Cataloging to market the brands while ensuring 0% service level agreement (SLA) breach and negligible product defect.
  • With diligent efforts put in by the teams to minimize said challenges Kapsons Retail has grown 2x in the past 2 years.

To achieve full potential, Indian retailers must…
Indian retailers must consider and implement several strategic initiatives. The retail market in India is vast and diverse, and success requires a comprehensive approach that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities in the country.

Key strategies including omnichannel retailing, localized marketing, personalization with improved customer experience, supply chain efficiency, social media optimization, continuous adaptation, sustainability, and social responsibility, apart from a dedicated focus on tier 2 and tier 3 cities will help any retailer unlock their maximum potential and thrive in the dynamic and competitive Indian Retail Market.

My key professional accomplishments

  • Generating business via services including cataloguing, warehousing, studio, last-mile delivery, and video marketing has been playing a key role in marketing Kapsons Retail as a brand.
  • Partnering up with multiple, already established portals for regional warehouse development
  • Kapsons Retail currently boasts four partner warehouses with Myntra
  • From simply being an online retailer to progressing to partner up with brands and portals counts as one of the key factors in Kapsons’ success
  • Kapsons Retail’s stock/ brand allocation is based on data analysis and trend forecasting.
  • The majority of the strategizing and decision-making is based on and consistently improvised according to the freshly accumulated data.
Daksh Kapoor, Chief Marketing Officer

Company Vertical/s: E-commerce and Marketing

Email Id: [email protected]

Core Business: Kapsons Retail is an aggregator trusted by brands like Puma, Arvind Brands (US Polo Assn., Arrow, Flying Machine); Bestseller (Jack n Jones, Vero Moda, Only), Reliance Brand, Paragon, Brand Folio, Madame, and more. With Kapsons E-retail solutions, brands are able to increase their online presence and brand visibility.

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