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In a pivotal move that marks a new chapter in the online recruitment industry, Indeed, one of the leading global job search platforms, announced last week the discontinuation of its pay-per-application job advertising model effective December 18th, so one week from today. This strategic shift is not just a significant change for Indeed but also highlights the diverse range of advertising models available in the job search market, including those offered by other platforms like College Recruiter.

A New Direction for Indeed

Indeed’s decision to phase out the pay-per-application model, where employers pay a fee for each application received, represents a notable shift in their approach to job advertising. While this model has been a long-standing option, Indeed is now steering towards a more streamlined and perhaps more predictable cost-per-click (CPC) model.

Embracing the Cost-Per-Click Model

With the transition to a cost-per-click model, employers advertising on Indeed will now pay based on the number of clicks their job listings receive, rather than the number of applications. This model offers a different kind of control and predictability in terms of advertising spend. Employers can set a budget for how much they are willing to pay per click, giving them more flexibility in managing their recruitment costs.

Alternatives in the Market: College Recruiter and Beyond

While Indeed is moving away from pay-per-application ads, it’s important to note that other platforms, such as College Recruiter, continue to offer a variety of advertising options, including both cost-per-click and cost-per-application models.

College Recruiter: Offering a Spectrum of Choices

College Recruiter, catering especially to employers seeking to hire students and recent graduates, provides a range of flexible advertising solutions. Our cost-per-application model remains an attractive option for many employers, particularly those looking to pay only for the results they receive in terms of actual applications. This model can be particularly beneficial for roles where the volume of applications is a key metric of success.

On the other hand, College Recruiter’s cost-per-click model aligns with the industry’s broader shift towards this approach, offering employers an alternative that focuses on the visibility and engagement their job postings receive.

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