Enhancing Video Streaming with AI

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has announced its acquisition of UK-based AI company iSize, marking a significant move to advance video streaming technology. iSize specializes in deep learning for video delivery, enabling companies to minimize data requirements for streaming video games while optimizing visual quality using AI.

With iSize’s expertise in machine learning applied to video processing, SIE aims to enhance its research and development efforts, as well as its video and streaming services. The acquisition brings cutting-edge technology to SIE, empowering the company to optimize video streams and improve the user experience.

Based in London and founded in 2016, iSize boasts a team of highly skilled engineers and technical experts who have developed innovative software solutions for video optimization. One of their notable contributions includes an AI-based perceptual preprocessing solution, enabling third-party encoders to produce higher quality video at significantly reduced bitrates.

This acquisition aligns with SIE’s vision to revolutionize the cloud gaming space. Earlier this year, SIE CEO Jim Ryan hinted at the company’s “aggressive plans” in cloud gaming, signaling its commitment to delivering innovative gaming experiences to a wider audience. While acknowledging the challenges associated with cloud-based gaming, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida expressed the company’s determination to overcome these obstacles and embrace the potential of this technology.

By incorporating iSize’s advanced AI capabilities into its ecosystem, SIE aims to provide gamers with seamless, high-quality streaming experiences. This strategic move solidifies Sony’s position as a leader in the gaming industry and sets the stage for future advancements in video streaming and cloud gaming.


What is iSize?

iSize is a UK-based AI company specializing in deep learning for video delivery. Their technology allows for reduced data requirements and improved visual quality in video streaming.

What software solutions has iSize developed?

iSize has developed a suite of software solutions for video optimization. Their notable contribution includes an AI-based perceptual preprocessing solution that enhances video quality at lower bitrates.

How will the acquisition of iSize benefit Sony Interactive Entertainment?

The acquisition of iSize will provide Sony Interactive Entertainment with expertise in applying machine learning to video processing. This will enhance their research and development efforts and improve their video and streaming services.


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