3 YouTube marketing metrics to improve video ROI

3 YouTube marketing metrics to improve video ROI

The latest report from Vidyard shows 3 in 4 marketers say video content produces more conversions than any other form of content. But at the same time, 72 percent of us marketers aren’t using enough detailed metrics to really determine the return on videos.

In this Content & Coffee, I’m sharing three metrics you can use in one of the web’s most popular video platforms, YouTube, to build strategies for more ROI.

Measure views by embed location

This is a great way to determine where your promotional strategies are effective – and which companies are linking to you that you might not have otherwise known about.

When you’re in the YouTube creator studio, click Analytics tab, then Playback locations. From here, you can see where your videos have been embedded in external websites and apps.

Case in point: We found a majority of Brafton’s embedded YouTube videos get views on Glassdoor, reminding us to post there consistently.

Analyze viewer drop-off rates

Drop-off rates are a great indicator of how engaged your audience is with a topic. Seeing that someone viewed your video is exciting…seeing that they only watched 10 seconds of it is not.

To determine this, check out Audience Retention, found under the Watch Time reports in YouTube Analytics. From here, you can determine your average view duration for your posts as a whole, or narrow it down to specific posts. Once you determine trends within these, you can determine if people want shorter videos, or if you’re wasting time talking about areas where your audience simply isn’t interested.

Audience Retention Report in YouTube Analytics

Measure which Annotations people click most

If you’re not using annotations, you’re missing out on the best way to bring referral traffic to your site from YouTube. Once you have annotations in place, measuring them is a great way to see what types of CTAs work, and which specific posts are driving traffic to your site.

These reports can be found in the “Annotations” segment of the Audience report. Not only can you check out what videos with annotations got clicks, but also the ‘type’ of annotation that was used, and the geographic location of the user who clicked.

Annotations report in YouTube Analytics

We’d love to hear what types of analytics reporting you think would better help measure video marketing results. Let us know in the comments – and subscribe to our newsletter to get a weekly Content & Coffee directly to your inbox.


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