Watch: Jang Nara Is Perplexed By Pieces Of Memories With Son Ho Jun In Upcoming Drama Teaser

Get ready for Son Ho Jun and Jang Nara’s reunion on the small screen!

“My Happy End” (literal title) tells the story of a woman named Seo Jae Won, who is obsessed with and chases after success as she had an unfortunate childhood, trying to escape from her unhealthy desires and obsessions. Jang Nara will take on the role of Seo Jae Won, the CEO of a home furniture brand who works restlessly to fulfill her endless desire, whereas Son Ho Jun will play the role of Seo Jae Won’s husband Heo Soon Young who gets swept up in her intense desires. The two actors boasted perfect chemistry as a married couple in the drama “Go Back Couple” in 2017 and received lots of love from viewers.

The teaser clip portrays Seo Jae Won reminiscing about her past when she married Heo Soon Young. Although what appear to be happy memories pass through Seo Jae Won’s head, her face is full of anxiety and impatience for an unknown reason.

Toward the end of the video, Seo Jae Won recalls the smiling faces of the people around her. The next moment, she turns around and throws a sharp question to someone, asking, “Who are you?” raising tension.

Watch the full teaser below:

“My Happy End” is set to premiere in December 2023. Stay tuned for more updates!

While waiting, check out “Go Back Couple” on Viki:

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