Philadelphia Digital Marketing Agency Unveils Synergized Search Marketing

Philadelphia Digital Marketing Agency Unveils Synergized Search Marketing


Published September 29, 2023

BCC Interactive, a digital marketing agency in Philadelphia, is pleased to share the results of its newly created ‘synergized’ search marketing campaigns. According to the agency, these campaigns have helped businesses in and around the Philadelphia area generate more qualified leads and revenue.

The process focuses on pay-per-click Ads, content production, local ads, and local search engine optimization (SEO) to achieve the desired results, using tried-and-tested methods to get the most out of each tactic. Already, a number of businesses have benefited from the new search marketing campaigns BCC Interactive has begun offering. As the process continues to produce results, more are expected to follow.

Pay-per-click ads are one of the fastest ways to attract new cases, the agency asserts. In fact, BCC seeks to deliver results within 14 days with this strategy — followed by ongoing, sustainable growth beyond this period. For one, content production, which attacks organic Google results by using profitable keywords from PPC, all but guarantees an increase in traffic by ensuring that the client’s page is at the top of the first page of Google. Local Ads also aim to direct local searches to the client’s page through local service ads. Finally, local SEO seeks to ensure that the client’s pages are the most popular in local searches.

“We understand the journey of growing a business,” stated Cory Young, Founder & CEO. “It can feel like you’re running a marathon with no finish line in sight. But what if there’s a better way? There is a strong need for an acquisition engine that drives long-term results but doesn’t take forever. That’s why we designed our SEO & Content Marketing strategies specifically tailored to get you better results in less time. We partner with companies who know they need to invest in growth to drive qualified inbound leads and build a strong customer lifecycle. We have a proven track record of driving massive growth for businesses like yours.”

Every business is unique, however, and this is why it is important to come up with tailor-made SEO strategies for each business. The only way to beat the competition is with innovative marketing strategies that connect with potential clients on autopilot. BCC Interactive comes up with its own customized marketing solutions by taking a close look at each client’s industry, target audience, and competitors to get a more complete idea of what the client needs and how best to go about providing them with what they need.

The agency uses advanced analytics and market research to produce a powerful, data-driven SEO roadmap that aligns with the client’s business objectives and produces tangible results. These SEO services have helped countless businesses grow, and they are all but guaranteed to continue to produce results.

At the heart of every successful online marketing campaign is content. BCC Interactive helps clients come up with engaging, informative content that ranks high on search engines and captivates the target audience. Keyword research, search intent and creative storytelling are just three of the principles BCC Interactive uses to help clients establish themselves as an industry authority and turn visitors into return customers.

BCC Interactive is all about results, striving to produce real, tangible results for each and every client. Some have left excellent reviews of the SEO specialist on various platforms, praising BCC Interactive for completely revolutionizing their online marketing efforts.

Dr. Sara Harowitz, the owner of a private therapy practice, says about their experience with the SEO agency, “I’ve tried and spent thousands of dollars on four other SEO companies without any notable success. Not the same with BCC. My client caseload hovered about 10 clients per week for years. Since working with BCC, my practice has flourished along with my income. I am earning four times as much as I had during a 30-year-long career. My only regret is that I did not have BCC 30 years ago.”

Businesses that wish to capitalize on this opportunity are welcome to learn more about BCC Interactive on LinkedIn. The company is always looking to help businesses grow through conscientiously developed marketing strategies and currently has openings for new clients. Interested parties may get in touch with the Philadelphia SEO agency to schedule a consultation.


For more information about BCC Interactive, contact the company here:

BCC Interactive
Cory Young
[email protected]
744 South St
Suite #969
Philadelphia, PA 19147

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