Local Brand Advisor, a Pittsburgh Digital Marketing Agency, Helps Businesses Establish a Complete Brand with a Strong Online Presence.


Published August 21, 2023

Pittsburgh, PA – An online presence is crucial for businesses, as it provides a convenient way for potential customers to find and engage with them. However, simply having a website with basic information is not enough. To establish a complete brand with an online presence, businesses need to provide a detailed description, product or service information, and links to social media accounts for daily updates and engagement. Businesses risk losing credibility, customers, and sales without appearing on search engines.

Local Brand Advisor, a digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh offers comprehensive services to help businesses improve their online presence. The company focuses on customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty through data-driven techniques and platforms that empower short and long-term goals.

The professional team works with franchises, multi-location businesses, and chain stores across industries and localities to achieve their desired exposure. They begin a project by designing a website that serves as a customer’s initial experience with a business. They believe its overall outcome depends on proper planning and understanding a business’s challenges, preferences, niche, needs, and customer demographics to provide an optimized user experience and maximize digital presence. From conception to delivery, the team listens to clients’ ideas/inputs, whether layout, images/videos, fonts, styles/themes, and more. They also invest time in regular site reviews for updates and industry best practices, allowing business owners to understand the features and functions while making changes.

Locally-based businesses with functional websites need increased visibility to spread awareness or make transactions. Local Brand Advisor can help them grab the attention of potential customers with Google My Business SEO to maximize how often a business shows up in Google Maps and search engines. The GMB team follows current trends and new features to provide clients with strategies and tactics to increase exposure, local relevance, visibility, and online rankings. By tailoring online information to the local areas, a business can speak to audiences, offer relevant solutions, build long-term relationships, and capitalize on free advertising. The Pittsburgh SEO company handles multi-location franchise SEO, business listing management, franchise marketing systems, and local SEO consulting.

Search engines are dynamic, making the marketplace more competitive and demanding, even with well-thought-out strategies. Fortunately, Local Brand Advisor helps clients create cost-effective pay-per-click (PPC) management plans that build awareness and increase revenue while providing the flexibility to meet the ever-changing criteria of search engines. After knowing a business’s goals, the PPC team positions it across advertising platforms, intending to empower buyers to make quick buying decisions and ensure ad spends go toward clicks that convert into customers. With proper ad management, the targeting ability increases, yielding greater ROIs and generating high-quality, controllable, and consistent traffic.

The digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh provides tailored strategies for a client’s specific needs by leveraging proven tactics to craft marketing campaigns for a business, franchise, or chain. Its approach, coupled with a detailed assessment of a business’s potential, has earned the team many 5-star reviews and positive testimonials. Visit their website or call (412) 910-2417 to schedule a strategy session. Local Brand Advisor is at 100 Fifth Ave #110, Pittsburgh, PA, 15222, US.

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