CareerBuilder launches pay per resume

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CareerBuilder launched Pay Per Resume, a payment scheme where companies only pay for resumes they use, the company announced Aug. 21.

The company said the offering will allow companies to eliminate “traditional recruitment fees and license costs” usually incurred in granting recruiters access to candidate pools.

CareerBuilder has a job board, but its primary offering is resume search and match and other recruiting services, which Pay Per Resume directly addresses. The payment scheme ensures employers have access to that pool of resumes, but that they will only pay for each one that they “search for and review.”

Indeed made waves when it announced its own payment plan shift into pay per application, first in October 2022 and with a revamp in April after backlash from clients. The company, one of the biggest job boards in the market, shifted from pay per click as a way to further differentiate itself from competitors — something CareerBuilder also mentioned in its announcement.

Payment model shifts reflect how recruitment is changing overall, experts previously told HR Dive. Recruiters are more savvy of the tools available, but they are seeking ways to overcome an increasingly tough job market and land new talent in the most efficient way. In answer, Indeed, for example, is trying to tie together itself and its partner companies through the new payment schemes, experts told HR Dive, promising better outcomes overall.

Paying more directly for results may indeed be the future of recruiting tools — but it may be a while before the market is fully ready for it, experts said.

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