VSEO (Video SEO) — Start Using Video for Your Business Today | by Sublime Digital Marketing Group

Videos are a powerful tool to help you engage with your audience, present information, and enhance your offering. They can also be used to improve SEO — search engine optimization — by driving traffic to your website and improving the user experience. If you want to learn more about how SEO Company Sacramento can increase visibility via videos, read out the blog.

Even though videos are not a (published) ranking factor, they can still help improve your page’s performance and enhance your overall SEO. Here are some ways in which videos can help your website:

1. By providing engaging and informative content that will keep viewers on your page for longer

2. By helping you rank for other keywords that you may not have otherwise been able to rank for

3. By making your page more visually appealing and thus more likely to be shared on social media

4. By providing an alternate way for people to consume your content if they prefer watching videos over reading text

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