Targeted Marketing and Social Media Optimization for Resonate | Case-Studies

Targeted Marketing and Social Media Optimization for Resonate | Case-Studies

Resonate, a leading Customer Experience management platform based in Australia, faced several challenges in their marketing strategy, resulting in low-quality traffic, limited website visibility, and poor social engagement.



To overcome these obstacles, Resonate enlisted the expertise of our technical team to identify their target audience, optimize their website for search engines, and implement an effective social media strategy. 


This case study highlights the solutions provided and the remarkable results achieved within a three-month period.


Resonate encountered issues with their targeting strategy, which was overly broad and lacked specificity to their services. This approach resulted in unnecessary expenditures on irrelevant traffic, low-quality website visits, and minimal social media engagement. To achieve their business objectives, Resonate needed to refine their targeting strategy and establish a strong online presence.


Our team employed a multi-faceted approach to address Resonate’s challenges and improve their customer experience.


1. Targeted Audience Identification


We conducted an in-depth analysis to identify Resonate’s accurate target audience. By understanding their ideal customers’ demographics, interests, and behavior patterns, we ensured that the incoming website traffic was relevant, maximizing the utilization of their PPC budget.

2. Dedicated Landing Page and PPC Campaigns


To enhance conversions, we created a dedicated landing page tailored to the needs of Resonate’s target audience. Simultaneously, we ran PPC campaigns that effectively directed traffic to the landing page, driving higher-quality leads and improving overall website performance.


Dedicated landing page 



3. SEO Optimization


Our team performed comprehensive SEO optimization to enhance Resonate’s visibility and achieve higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). We targeted rich transactional, commercial, navigational, and informational keywords relevant to Resonate’s industry. Frequent technical SEO audits were conducted to identify critical areas requiring immediate attention and improve website performance.


4. Content Alignment


We updated Resonate’s website content to align with industry trends and standards, ensuring it reflected the latest information and resonated with the target audience. By providing valuable and up-to-date content, Resonate established itself as an authoritative source within the industry.

5. Social Media Strategy


In addition to improving Resonate’s website performance, we implemented an effective social media strategy to enhance brand awareness and generate leads. Key aspects of the strategy included the utilization of LinkedIn ads to target professionals in the customer experience management space, effectively elevating Resonate’s social media presence.


Social media content




The implementation of our comprehensive strategy produced remarkable results for Resonate within a three-month period.


1. Improved Website Visibility


Resonate’s website witnessed a significant increase in visibility. Comparing the three-month period after our interventions to the previous three months, page visits surged by an impressive 86%, allowing Resonate to connect with a larger audience.


2. Targeted Social Media Presence


Through our social media strategy, Resonate experienced substantial growth in their follower base, expanding it by 63% within the same three-month timeframe. This increased visibility and engagement demonstrated the successful elevation of Resonate’s social media presence.


3. Enhanced Conversions and ROI


By refining Resonate’s targeting strategy and optimizing their PPC campaigns, we ensured that incoming traffic was highly relevant, leading to improved conversion rates and maximizing the utilization of their PPC budget. This optimization resulted in a boost in overall return on investment (ROI).



Resonate, a Customer Experience management platform, overcame the challenges of low-quality traffic, limited website visibility, and poor social engagement through the implementation of targeted marketing and social media optimization. By identifying the accurate target audience, refining their PPC campaigns, optimizing their website for search engines, and implementing an effective social media strategy,

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