Building a Sustainable SEO Strategy

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  • SEO is a continuous process, not a one-time project. To be effective, SEO needs to be treated as a long-term, ongoing process rather than a series of independent, short-term projects. It requires regular attention and management due to constantly changing factors such as Google’s algorithm, your website’s content, and your competition.
  • Quality content is crucial for SEO: Providing well-written, purposeful content is at the heart of any successful SEO strategy.
  • Choosing the right SEO partner can enhance results: Working closely with an SEO agency or expert over a sustained period can lead to better results. As the SEO team becomes more familiar with your content and keywords, they can more effectively optimize your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fundamental aspect of website management that is critical to build brand awareness and generate leads. If people can’t find your website content, then much of the efforts made around creating an excellent site and impactful content are effectively wasted.

Despite SEO’s importance, many digital marketing and web teams remain surprisingly unaware of SEO basics. For many, it still remains something of a dark art and a mysterious practice that requires deep expertise with constantly shifting requirements.

Due to a lack of internal skills as well as resourcing and budgetary constraints, many teams choose to rely on external expertise for SEO. This is often a sensible approach, especially as there are some SEO practices which can be quite specialist, but it can lead to some issues:

  • SEO efforts and improvement tend to come in short, independent bursts based around engaging specialists on an ad hoc basis, rather than providing an ongoing and continuous SEO process.
  • There are a lot of self-proclaimed SEO experts, but it can be hard for digital marketing teams to ascertain whether the advice and action they are receiving is successful or not.
  • There is no transfer of skills to the digital marketing team in terms of awareness and knowledge of SEO practices.

The combination of these trends can lead to SEO that is less effective than it should be, and does not deliver the kind of long-term, continuous improvement in SEO that digital teams are looking for and that delivers tangible results.

Why Is Sustainable SEO Critical?

To get the best results it’s important to take a more sustainable and less short-term approach to SEO. Let’s look at some of the reasons for this.

Effective SEO Is a Moving Target

SEO doesn’t stay still. Improvements made that might be effective today may not necessarily still be effective in the future. Changes can happen across a number of different criteria that will impact SEO, including the way Google constructs its algorithm, changes to your own website or the content that feeds it, or even changes to your CMS. New keywords also come along and other websites can start to outperform you. For all these reasons and more, SEO is effectively a moving target that needs ongoing attention and management.

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SEO Is a Process Not a Project

Successful SEO is hard to achieve if you take a short-term view. Hiring an SEO consultant every so often isn’t going to cut it. It’s much more about delivering an ongoing process that continues to add new content that is optimized for SEO and builds on success.

The core of successful SEO is implementing everyday processes and practices that are part of the way you manage a website and its content, rather than activating a series of separate projects.

Content Is King

Providing well-written content that has a purpose is still at the center of any successful SEO strategy. Content can’t also only be about SEO — it has to appeal to your audiences to make them want to visit and then return to your site.

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