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While I sat again and watched on my pc display, Chaehyun Seo demolished La Rambla (9a+). And one phrase planted itself in my thoughts: mastery.

News that the Korean grew to become the second lady to climb the benchmark Siurana, Spain route arrived in November. Now, audiences worldwide are welcome to look at — and for anyone desirous about sport climbing method and pacing, I strongly advise it.

In the video, Seo’s decisive motion makes it clear she has dedicated the path to reminiscence in excessive constancy. And her regular movement and calm demeanor point out she’s match sufficient to blow it away.


Seo additionally exhibits a disciplined tendency to clip behind or beneath herself (slightly than pulling armfuls of rope to clip above), and brings all of it collectively for a efficiency that’s exhausting to critique.

Back on the floor, she beams broadly, dances giddily, and says solely, “I did it.”

There’s no want for her to clarify; what good are phrases to a master athlete at work?

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