Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld and Kat Timpf Condone Psychedelics. That’s No Surprise.

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld and Kat Timpf Condone Psychedelics. That’s No Surprise.

Mic is a millennials-focused information web site. In its decade of existence, it has endured pivot after pivot: first prioritizing progressive coverage protection, then increasing into life-style and tradition protection, and in the end specializing in video content material for social media optimization. After Facebook stopped rewarding Upworthy-style emotional manipulation and canceled a take care of the corporate in 2018, Mic cratered, shedding most of its employees.

But the location nonetheless exists; it has not but “pivoted to dust.” The present iteration is clearly attempting to recapture a few of its former glory by punching above its personal weight and has thus discovered an unsurprising goal: Fox News. Mic author Rafi Schwartz recently lambasted Fox hosts Greg Gutfeld and Katherine Timpf for condoning the leisure use of ayahuasca after Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers admitted to utilizing—and loving—the drug. Schwartz discovered it odd that Fox News was all of the sudden “on board with ayahuasca” and implied that the hosts had been solely approving of it for Rodgers, a “Trump-leaning himbo” as Schwartz describes him (misspelling his title within the course of).

Schwartz is framing this for instance of hypocrisy, giving readers the impression that the Fox News duo would have in any other case criticized drug use if the topic had been anybody else however are excusing it on this case as a result of Rodgers is a quasi-sympathetic figure on the right.

But this framing is wildly inaccurate and unfair. Gutfeld (who hosts Gutfeld!, one of the vital watched late-night reveals in all of tv) and Timpf (now the highest feminine expertise on late-night tv following Samantha Bee’s cancelation) have lengthy described themselves as libertarians on drug points. (Disclaimer: I seem ceaselessly on Fox News, together with on the Gutfeld! program, as do different Reason staffers.) Both have expressed the view that even heroin could possibly be legalized. Timpf has written in favor of legalizing marijuana and magic mushrooms.

“I’ve spoken out towards the War on Drugs persistently and repeatedly all through my whole profession—on tv, in columns and speeches, in addition to on social media,” Timpf informed Reason in an e mail. “I’ve repeatedly mentioned that no drug needs to be unlawful, and I’ve by no means mentioned the other. This can be removed from the primary time that I’ve publicly mentioned the potential mental-health advantages of psychedelic medicine.”

Schwartz additionally attacked Timpf for describing ayahuasca as “not like a celebration drug,” as if she was attempting to rationalize some unbalanced stance, writing, “It’s vital to notice that there is a truthful quantity of hypocrisy in Timpf’s ayahuasca enthusiasm, and significantly her assertion that it is okay because it’s ‘not like a celebration drug’—as if different substances that could possibly be simply written off as such do not even have their very own medicinal, psychological, and cultural advantages (and even when they did not, who cares? Don’t be a narc).”

“All it took was a Trump-supporting good-looking white man multimillionaire athlete to get the ball rolling,” Schwartz concluded. He didn’t reply to a request for remark.

Timpf’s views are neither hypocritical nor newly-discovered nor because of Trump: She has lengthy advocated legalizing all medicine, together with each ayahuasca and “occasion medicine.”

“To accuse me of hypocrisy given my excellent file of consistency on this challenge is absurd,” wrote Timpf.

Timpf notes that she raised these points with Schwartz—tagging him on Twitter—however a number of days later, he has not responded or corrected the piece.

Writers who wish to play media commentator ought to at the least be capable to pretty describe the ideologies of the personalities they’re scrutinizing. Whatever one thinks of Fox News, it is simple that Gutfeld, Timpf, and Fox Business Kennedy are constant supporters of drug legalization. Libertarians needs to be glad that this view has highly effective advocates on the channel—advocates that proceed to rightly press President Joe Biden to de-escalate the warfare on medicine.

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