Wellbene Social Media Optimization

For online pharmacies trust is crucial. And so we took the help of nutritionists, doctors and fitness coaches to understand the technical knick-knacks about the brand and used our creative minds to present those ideas in a simple, cool way.

Our social media optimization strategy led us to build a collection of diverse content pegs to create a holistic brand personality on digital. We experimented with new content formats while creating interesting gifs, statics and videos based on regional insights. Our creatives promoted the products with catchy copy and striking visuals. We regularly posted short and engaging reels, which helped us get noticed and got us good traction on various video platforms.

The content framework catered to optimisation of algorithms on various social platforms. Our long-tail campaigns were based on various important days (World Health Day, Women’s Day, etc) or targeted at particular ailments (Heart Health, Diabetes, etc). This was followed by FAQs, educational and recipe videos.

We delivered value-adding experiences to our customers with engaging influencer outreach and campaigns. It was all because we created a content niche, which continues to define Wellbene. With our effective social media optimization techniques Wellbene reached out to a larger audience base from different demographics.


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