Google PageSpeed Scores Updated with Lighthouse 8.0

Google up to date Lighthouse 8.0 and one of many necessary adjustments is to alter the weights of the totally different pace metrics. The adjustments are estimated to make it simpler for many websites to realize greater web page pace scores. Cumulative Layout Shift scores will probably pattern greater whereas different metrics turn into stricter.

Google Lighthouse 8.0

Lighthouse is a device that helps publishers, builders and SEOs measure web page pace and different metrics associated to accessibility and search engine optimization. Lighthouse powers the web PageSpeed Insights device and is shipped as a developer device in Chrome.

The new Lighthouse model 8.0 will ship in Chrome 93 however is offered proper now in PageSpeed Insights.


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Changes to Google Lighthouse Tool

  • Performance rating has been re-weighted
  • Total Blocking Time (TBT) Scoring is Stricter
  • First Contentful Paint (FCP) Scoring is Stricter
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) Scoring is Less Strict

How Scores Have Changed

According to Google’s FAQ, about 20% of web sites will see a drop of as much as 5 factors, whereas 20% won’t see a lot change.

Google estimates that roughly 60% of web sites will see a constructive change, from reasonable to five factors enchancment or greater.


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There are estimated to be extra winners with Lighthouse 8.0 that rating greater than websites that rating much less effectively.

Here are Google’s estimates on expected changes and explanation:

“~20% of web sites might even see a drop of as much as 5 factors, although probably much less
~20% of web sites will see little detectable change
~30% of web sites ought to see a reasonable enchancment of some factors
~30% might see a major enchancment of 5 factors or extra

The largest drops in scores are attributable to TBT scoring turning into stricter and the metric’s barely greater weight. The largest enhancements in scores are additionally attributable to TBT adjustments within the lengthy tail and the windowing of CLS, and each metrics’ greater weights.”

The Total Blocking Time metric is described as being stricter and will have been much more strict. But the engineers determined to dial it again in order to not be too “jarring.

According to the TBT GitHub page:

“But we expect these as our management factors can be too jarring and aggressive for now. Still, there’s room to enhance, so we’re doing a small shift of TBT being scored extra strictly.”

Before and After Lighthouse Scores

Google revealed a Lighthouse Scoring Calculator displaying what the variations are between variations 8.0, 6 and seven and model 5.

Below are screenshots evaluating the very same Lighthouse scores between the totally different variations (6/7 and 8.0).


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In the instance beneath it exhibits that model 8.0 leads to a decrease rating.

Below are a comparability of the identical Lighthouse scores between variations displaying a 4 level drop between variations 8.0 and 6/7.

Scores Before Update

Screenshot exhibits a Google Lighthouse rating of 54 in variations 6 and seven

Scores After Update

Screenshot of New Lighthouse Scores for comparisonA comparability of latest Lighthouse scores for comparable metrics because the earlier instance exhibits a drop of 4 factors

Lighthouse API Update

Google revealed a note about changes to the API:


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“The new Cumulative Layout Shift definition is now the default metric surfaced as cumulative_layout_shift, the earlier Cumulative Layout Shift metric can be accessible for a restricted time as it’s phased out as experimental_uncapped_cumulative_layout_shift.

Largest Contentful Paint has undergone changes in current Chrome variations and has been up to date equally in CrUX.

First Contentful Paint tri-binning thresholds have been up to date to be: [0-1.8s], (1.8s-3s), [3s-∞].”

Check Out the New Page Speed Scores

The new scores can be found instantly on the PageSpeed Insights tool.

Lighthouse 8.0 can be accessible in Chrome 93 which is currently scheduled to ship on August 31, 2021.


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Lighthouse 8.0 Performance FAQ

Lighthouse Scoring Calculator

GitHub web page for CLS
core: update cumulative-layout-shift #12554

GitHube Page for Total Blocking Time (TBT)
core(scoring): update TBT score curve #12576

Lighthouse API Changelog Notes

PageSpeed Insights Tool

Chrome Development Release Dates

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