How SEO And Content Marketing Work Together?

For content material entrepreneurs, SEO generally is a problem. Are they the identical? Is SEO at odd with content material advertising? Can you forcibly make them work collectively?

It is simple to get misplaced in how they work collectively. In certain blog posts, they often even appear at odds with one another and nobody actually ever drew the road between the 2.

The easy reply is that SEO and content material advertising do go hands-in-hands collectively. They compel one another within the sense that SEO is all about content material advertising and vis-versa.

But in actuality, the reply is rather more complicated. Even although they overlap, the primary downside between SEO and content material advertising is that they don’t seem to be built-in.

To perceive the issue, allow us to break them down individually.

So How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a group of methods that ensures that any net content material is seen to a selected viewers a marketer desires to focus on.

Simply put, SEO goals to get the best pair of eyes in entrance of the best content material. This is finished by way of common changes of focused optimization and technical tunes-ups.

An SEO skilled would then makes use of these methods to assist drive visitors by way of natural sources, equivalent to search engine.

Hence, Search Engine Optimization.

So with out content material, equivalent to net pages, blogs, product descriptions, photographs, or movies, SEO wouldn’t work.


Because it wants content material to match search engine analysis with particular key phrases.

So What Is Content Marketing, Then?

Well, the title is self-explanatory: advertising utilizing content material. What you’re studying proper now’s content material advertising.

It is the idea of any digital advertising marketing campaign. For occasion, let’s say I’m penning this particular weblog publish about intermittent fasting for firm A.

Company A is an organization that makes a speciality of intermittent fasting packages. It shares it on its social media platforms, it positive aspects traction, generates visitors, leads, and possibly even gross sales.

But the actual magic of content material advertising occurs behind the scene. SEO is what offers content material advertising its potential to generate visitors with natural sources. So, in a method, content material with good SEO can generate visitors with out paying for adverts.

But don’t be mistaken. Good SEO gained’t make up for unhealthy content material, thought. It’s not a magical potion that may remodel rubbish into gold. As a content material marketer, you continue to have the duty to create good content material.

So How Do They Work Together?

Firstly, it’s necessary to know SEO and content material advertising should not at odds. The foremost downside between the 2 is that they’re not built-in.

What meaning is that you’ll want to be aware of how a search engine works. It figures out what your content material is about, then proceeds to catalog it accordingly.

How do you do this, then?

You break down your content material into particular person subjects. The extra your content material narrowed down into particular areas, the higher.


Because they overlap.

Even although there are some variations between the 2, a very powerful being.

SEO is narrower, specializing in the technical facet of the content material.

Content is broader, specializing in a holistic method.

They overlap on this method.

SEO is built-in by making use of its technical options to channel it extra broadly.

Oppositely, the one method to guarantee the success of an natural content material advertising marketing campaign is by utilizing SEO methods in its implementation.

So How Can You Make Them Come Together?

A great way to have a look at the issue is can go like this – SEO makes a selected demand. Content advertising fulfills that particular demand.

Think of it as a dialog between two folks.

The SEO units the necessities that content material advertising fulfills.

Let’s look particularly at how SEO and content material advertising complement one another.

SEO Demands Content.

It’d be fairly onerous to make the SEO works with none written content material. You want phrases, articles, blogs, touchdown pages, key phrases, and verbiage.

And as cliché because it sounds, it’s the elementary reality: content is everything.

It’s indubitable and a truism of the SEO trade. So what’s content material advertising all about then? Well, content material. It’s, paradoxically the sensible software of SEO.

And it’s as a consequence of key phrases.

SEO calls for key phrases. Content advertising means utilizing key phrases.

This is probably the most elementary facet of SEO – searching them, using them, and monitoring their rating within the SERP.

So how does one can cram key phrases? How are you able to funnel all of your analysis into sensible software?

It’s content material advertising. The solely method you need to use key phrases appropriately is should you make use of them strategically all through your content material. Content advertising is, in spite of everything, top-notch content material designed and made by and for people.

SEO Demands Linkbacks And Content Marketing Offers Linkback.

If SEOs may dream, they’d dream about linkbacks – a fats, juicy DA 98 linking to your web site. Or an influential .edu tossing a hyperlink to your weblog article.

But this dream can solely true should you’re releasing phenomenal content material by way of content material advertising.

You may also construct hyperlinks all through a link-building company. Some are nice, some, not so great.

Even then, one of the simplest ways to construct hyperlinks is by publishing content material – good content material, that’s, so the folks can hyperlink again to it. This is the actual key to continuous SEO success.

If you need this significant part of SEO, you’ll must have this indispensable aspect of content material advertising. The dangling SEO carrot is to have content material price linking to.

So How Do You Balance SEO Technical Optimization With Content Marketing UX?

Designing your content material with a search engine in thoughts could be tough. Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply you need to stuff your content material with key phrases to the brim.

No one desires to learn the identical phrase in every sentence. Your content material will appear like a bloated mess of key phrases fairly than logical continuity.

Instead, you must be aware of how a search engine works. From the content material advertising standpoint, this implies breaking your content material into a person subject, narrowed right down to a selected level.

Why? Because SEO is extra than simply linkbacks, blogs, or key phrases. It’s about optimizing robots.txt, bettering metadata, using the best tags, and establishing the proper sitemap. Technical items of stuff like that.

Whether or not this sounds far-fetched, that is tangentially linked to content material advertising.

The technical optimization of SEO is definitely put particularly for the consumer – whether or not if it’s the consumer looking, deciding on, or studying your content material.

It’s appropriate to consider these technical optimizations as enhancements from a consumer expertise (UX) perspective. They are current to serve the consumer and to advertise your content material.

The hyperlink between SEO and content material is inseparable. For occasion.

  • Why would you need a good web site map? So that individuals can discover and entry your content material extra simply.
  • How can optimized robots.txt profit you? So that engines like google can higher writhe your web site, and readers entry your content material.
  • Why would you need the best tags on the proper place? So that your content material will get cataloged and listed accordingly, extra correct search outcomes, and, in the end, extra readers.

Consistent And Continual Output.

Even although that is partly a content material advertising technique, SEO is nonetheless current in it. Why? Because Google likes fresh content and has for quite some time now.

If you’re aware of SEO, you’ll discover that contemporary content material will get shortly listed, and catalogs greater within the SERPs than older and lower-value content material. If new content material seems on a web site with excessive historic authority in a topic, you’ll be able to guess that it’s going to have a SERP enhance.

Then, SEO means the constant output of high quality content material. Consistent output means that you’re doing content material advertising, and you must do it proper. There aren’t any two methods round it.


I may proceed rambling concerning the purposes of SEO and content material advertising, however I hope the purpose is obvious: SEO is all about content material advertising and content material advertising is all about SEO.

To conclude in model, there are two necessary takeaway factors I wish to make.

  • You should not an SEO with out being a content material marketer, and you aren’t a content material marketer with out being an SEO.

This is just not an ethical or prescriptive judgment of any sort. If you name your self completely an “SEO” or a “content material marketer”, that’s completely nice.

The level is that content material advertising wants SEO, and SEO wants content material advertising. These are not separate departments with disconnected efforts. An SEO wants to pay attention to content material advertising, and vis-versa.

  • An SEO marketing campaign will fail until it integrates content material advertising and a content material advertising marketing campaign will fail until it integrates SEO.

Logically, content material advertising can solely achieve success if it has SEO parts built-in into it. After all, if not, how can readers attain your content material if it’s not appropriately built-in.

Alone, they may fail. United, they may stand.

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