Teneo Hospitality Group Launches Strategic Digital Marketing Services For Over 300 Member Hotels, Resorts, Destination Management Companies

Teneo Hospitality Group Launches Strategic Digital Marketing Services For Over 300 Member Hotels, Resorts, Destination Management Companies

Eden Prairie, MN — Teneo Hospitality Group brings a new branding focus, expanded market research facilities, and a synergistic approach to its newly launched Digital Marketing Services unit. Led by an expert team of IT, marketing, and research professionals, the new unit will provide comprehensive digital marketing services to more than 300 hotels, resorts and destination management companies that are part of Teneo’s global membership. These strategic Internet marketing initiatives are geared to the changing demands of today’s hospitality industry and span a synergistic mix of services. These include custom website design and enhancement, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), local listings optimization (local SEO), email marketing, social media optimization and advertising.

Teneo’s new initiatives are designed to help its members sort through the increasingly complex Digital Marketing arena and find customized solutions that fit their needs. “Our watchwords are analysis, empowerment and engagement,” says Teneo President Mike Schugt. “With the help of Teneo’s sophisticated market research and creative direction on the use of all the tools in the digital arsenal, clients will be empowered to engage more intensely with their customers and stakeholders,” Schugt says. The new digital tools and the phenomenal expansion and influence of social media fit perfectly with Teneo’s core values of building relationships to effectively build brands.

“The new digital marketing strategy is based on channel integration, not channel isolation,” says Mike Schugt. “SEO, websites and social media channels work in synergy with paid search, e-mail marketing and display, as well as channels featuring media reviews, referrals and mentions.” These new services expand our emphasis on market research, optimizing the power of social media to not only reach our customers, but to determine their needs, demands and perceptions in real time,” Schugt affirms.

Schugt notes that nine out of 10 travelers are influenced by social media in making decisions regarding destinations, hotels, airlines, attractions and restaurants. Those potential customers can be reached via a growing number of social media platforms featured on multiple devices from computers to increasingly sophisticated smart phones and iPads. Teneo’s research indicates that the explosive use of mobile devices spans most demographics, but is crucial to capturing the coveted millennial audience.

That audience is increasingly reactive and quick to tell marketers what they think of their products and services. Teneo quotes market research pioneer and Intuit co-founder Scott Cook, “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers say it is.”

While the new technology brings a vastly increased scope to hotel marketing, Mike Schugt cautions that social media is a two-way street and that tracking the responses of customers is just as important as outreach. “Of course, hoteliers dread the negative review on TripAdvisor or Yelp,” he notes. “But those reviews provide valuable feedback and a chance to respond to the customer and the public in a positive and proactive way.”

Teneo’s new Digital Marketing team is headed by Mike Schugt and consists of a hand-picked team of experts in IT, marketing and market analysis: Digital Marketing Director, Maria Perret-Gentil, Marketing Director Danielle Halbert and Marketing Analyst Justin O’Flanagan.

About Teneo Hospitality Group

Teneo Hospitality Group is a Global Sales Organization for the Finest Collection of Hotels, Resorts & Destination Management Companies (DMCs) Worldwide. Its globa l team is based in key geographic source markets and is an extension of its members’ local and regional sales teams. Teneo has wide-ranging knowledge of the hospitality industry and serves the meeting planning community by providing valuable expertise and acting as trusted advisors. Teneo is a Latin word meaning to know, understand and persevere. This term represents the company’s mission and its successful track record of global expansion. Since being established in 2013, Teneo has become a top-notch independent GSO. The company continues to expand its staff of hospitality sales and marketing professionals, and the services it provides the MICE marketplace as authorized by its members. Visit teneohg.com

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