Strictly Acquires, Revolutionizing A/B Testing with Advanced AI Integration

Strictly Acquires, Revolutionizing A/B Testing with Advanced AI Integration

StrictlyAI, Inc

Strictly has acquired to incorporate split testing features directly into its app, continuing its commitment to pushing the boundaries and creating new solutions.

Alpharetta, GA:, June 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Strictly is a revolutionary product that enables service businesses to create launch-ready, SEO optimized websites in under 60 seconds. Simply by typing in a few pieces of information, businesses can have a fully functional website custom to their brand instantly.

In addition to the ultra-simple SEO tools, Strictly is working on other features to make it easier to launch advertising campaigns that are proven to be effective. A/B Testing, or Split Testing, is an essential tool that allows marketers and business owners to test their website or landing page copy and optimize conversions.

To further enhance its offerings, Strictly has acquired, a cutting-edge A/B testing tool that simplifies the process of testing landing pages and website copy. This acquisition allows Strictly to offer state-of-the-art split testing capabilities, and enables businesses to create conversion-optimized websites in one click using AI and test them just as easily.

The A/B testing tool from is designed to help clients fine-tune their marketing strategies in just a few clicks and see which ones are performing the best. By making more informed decisions based on empirical evidence, businesses can avoid costly mistakes and rely less on guesswork. This results in increased conversions, as effective strategies are doubled down on while ineffective ones are adjusted.

Integrating into the Strictly app enables users to test various elements of their web pages, such as headlines, buttons, layouts, and more, to determine what drives the best user engagement. The tool also analyzes headlines, copy, and images, providing insights into what content resonates most with audiences.

The A/B testing tool is the most lightweight on the market, ensuring maximum website performance. The synergy created by merging the two apps revolutionizes the marketing landscape. Additionally, the tool positively impacts Strictly’s SEO on Autopilot services, allowing business owners to compare technical SEO elements like mobile usability, page load speeds, and content optimization, ultimately leading to higher success rates for their campaigns.

“We saw significant results in just a few months, transforming our ad campaigns,” noted Justin, an architect. “We received so much business that we regularly have to scale back to avoid being overwhelmed.”

Despite offering robust tools and features, Strictly remains committed to minimizing client expenses on marketing campaigns. The money saved can be allocated to higher ad spend, providing business owners with a greater return on investment. Clients also benefit from working with a team of dedicated marketers who help create unique and personalized strategies while overseeing their campaigns.

About Strictly:

Strictly is an AI Marketing Technology company dedicated to helping service businesses skyrocket their revenue with minimal upfront costs. The AI marketing app enables clients to build launch-ready, SEO-optimized websites in seconds, as well as provide them with custom tailored marketing strategies to meet their goals.

Media Contact:

Company Name: StrictlyAI, Inc

Contact Person: Chris LaMorte

Phone: 470-600-6924

Address: 190 Bluegrass Valley Pkwy

City: Alpharetta

State: Georgia

Postal Code: 30005

Country: USA


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