The Power Of Social Media For A Business

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Entrepreneurs, young and old, are all jumping their presence online every day. Every other investor or entrepreneur one meets in a seminar or conference hands over his business card, which details the said person’s social media handle.

From LinkedIn to Twitter and Facebook, not one is considered any less important from the other. Right said by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg “When you give everyone a voice and give people power, the system usually end up in a good place.”

Fuelling the aforesaid need of entrepreneurs to know more and find more leading them to the discovery of new and creative ideas, social media is a tool that is not only easy to use but also cost efficient.

The undeniable truth is – Social Media is a platform for real networking, growth and engagement for any venture irrespective of the industry.

There was a time in the digital world when marketing was merely confined to website building and pondering information over the first ten pages of Today, the most powerful source of marketing – be it, online or offline is undoubtedly “Social Media’.

During The Franchise India Show 2016, Siddharth Rajsekar, Social Media Expert at Scion Social highlighted a few points that every social media enthusiast should keep in mind before the execution of Social Media Optimization for a venture.

To understand the actual potential of any social media tool one should understand four important steps.

  • Strategize
  • Optimize
  • Socialize
  • Monetize
  1. Community Building– The first step to engage real-time leads for a business is to attract community and not directly sell your business to the customers. Deliver great content and information and focus on building a community before monetary gains.
  2. Turn Around Time (TAT) – For any venture to excel, TAT plays a very vital role. Social Media is different from branding via newspapers, television and radio where one can expect results after a period of time. But, for Social Media Optimization to excel the (TAT) should be quick. A Blog Post, Twitter, LinkedIn or Face book campaigning should be operated as per the stipulated time of delivery or leads.
  3. Engagement– Social Media is all about community building and your target audience getting interested in your brand and its value. For instance: A potential customer should walk up to any given business rather than the opposite happening. Social Proofing is immensely necessary for engagement i.e. a majority of interested audience committed over digital platforms to your business. The mainstream perception lies on the fact that where there are more people, the business works better there.
  4. Driving Sales- To drive sales for your business and even for personal promotion of an individual; daily content marketing and advertising over Social Media tools have a major role to play. Face book, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In campaigning influence audience and drive enormous amount of sales. When advertising happens over social media then a marketing team should be clear about return of investment (ROI).

The internet gives everyone the freedom to choose anything that they like and social media is just a medium to drive somebody to the desired platform. Today, every small and medium business uses social media to reach the desired audience.

(As told to, Saumya Kaushik)

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