QIIB’s Social Media & Community Management

A2Z Media offers QIIB comprehensive photo and video coverage, social media content creation, and campaign launches. We capture captivating visuals and craft engaging content to effectively communicate your message across digital platforms, enhancing your brand presence and engagement.


Client challenge:

  • Struggling to gain visibility on social media platforms: QIIB is facing challenges in establishing a strong presence on social media platforms, which hampers its ability to effectively reach and engage with its target audience.
  • In need of high-quality video content: requires high-quality video content to enhance its online presence and effectively engage its audience. However, producing such content presents challenges in terms of resources, time, and expertise.

Agency challenge:

  • Managing extensive client communications and coordinating team schedules to ensure efficient workflow and timely project completion.


  • Social Media Optimization: Development of communication strategies to engage consumers and stimulate company growth.
  • Customized Photo and Video Creation: Engaging the audience and reinforcing the company’s presence in the market.


The company has effectively enhanced its online presence through successful social media strategies, resulting in a substantial increase in visibility. QIIB notably expanded its follower base by 1500 subscribers, reaching a total of 7300 followers.

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