Best Water Characters In Solo Leveling:ARISE


  • Elements play a crucial role in
    Solo Leveling: ARISE
    , with Water characters having unique abilities like Freeze and shield-breaking.
  • Invest wisely in Water characters like Seo Jiwoo, who excels as a tank and breaker, while others like Han Song-Yi may not perform as well.
  • Understanding elements and character strengths is key to changing the tide of battles in the game, helping players progress effectively.

Elements are a common theme in many games. This theme is especially common in gacha games, where a certain element is associated with the characters that players can control. The elements in Solo Leveling:ARISE play an important role in the game and, without proper knowledge of these elements, it can backfire on players. With correct elements used in every stage, players can change the tide of the battle in their favor.


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ARISE has five elements, Water being one of them. Each element is associated with a theme, and characters using the Water element have the power to control their movements precisely. Hunters with the power of Water can apply status effects like Freeze to stop enemies in their tracks. While the game is new and there aren’t many Water characters available as of this writing, this list ranks all the Water characters currently in the game to help players decides which ones to invest in.

5 Han Song-Yi

Poison That Helps The Team

Han Song-Yi character showcase

  • Class: Assassin
  • Scaling: Attack

Han Song-Yi, at the time of writing, is the worst Water character available in the game. This Assassin hunter can do some decent damage to enemies, but there are better Water options in the game that can do better than her.

Han Song-Yi can poison her target with a 100% uptime on her skill if used correctly, which makes her a good option in DoT teams. Apart from this, Han is not very impressive, as she does mediocre damage to enemies, which makes it hard to justify investing in order to build her. However, players who like her character design and her gameplay should still try her out, as not everything in the game has to work according to the meta.

4 Anna Ruiz

Break Shields Full-Time

Anna Ruiz character showcase

  • Class: Ranger
  • Scaling: Attack

Anna Ruiz is a SR Water-type hunter in Solo Leveling:ARISE who belongs to the Ranger class. While Anna might not be the most impressive Water-type character in the game, her status changes when she crosses Advancement Level 3. Anna works well with other DoT characters, and can be used as a shield breaker in teams thanks to her passive skill.


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Her passive ability gives her a chance to deal 100 break damage and additional damage equal to 30% of her attack for every 3 seconds, for 30 seconds, if one of Anna’s skills hits her target. With Advancement Level 3, she can also decrease the target’s defense while breaking their shield, making her quite useful in certain situations. Players having multiple dupes of Anna lying in their roster should try her out in dungeons to see if she works well for them.

3 Lee Joohe

Maximum Healing

Lee Joohe character showcase

  • Class: Healer
  • Scaling: HP

Lee Joohe is an all-out healer in the game that provides rapid healing to her team members. This SR Healer uses the power of the Water element to heal allies and prevent their deaths on the battlefield. Lee Joohe is built in a way that provides great healing, which can be utilized by players until the endgame content.

However, Lee Joohe has her own limitations as a character. While her healing is strong, she fails when it comes to damage-dealing abilities, and her damage multipliers are worse than any SR character in the game. Lee Joohe is a free unit, so players can obtain her without the gacha, and players looking for an exclusive healer might find their answer with her on the team.

2 Nam Chae-Young

Break And Freeze

Nam Chae-Young character showcase

  • Class: Ranger
  • Scaling: HP

For an SR unit, Nam Chae-Young displays excellent potential as a damage-dealer for the team, and can even break enemy shields. She has either a medium or heavy break effect associated with all her skills, which works greatly to drive through enemy defenses.


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Apart from her ability to shred shields, Nam can freeze enemies with most of her skills for 2 seconds, and her passive ability works in harmony with this. Nam’s passive allows her to deal 20% more damage to the frozen targets, making her a great pick for a team, where players can deal heavy damage to enemies and bosses alike without the risk of being attacked by them.

1 Seo Jiwoo

Can Complete Dungeons Solo

Seo Jiwoo punch pose

  • Class : Tank
  • Scaling : HP

Seo Jiwoo is hands down the best Water character, if not one of the best characters overall in Solo Leveling:ARISE. Being a tank character, Seo Jiwoo is able to withstand enemy attacks thanks to her large HP reserves and her shield-making ability. Jiwoo is so strong that players can use her solo in the dungeons without any worry.

Her skills are absolutely broken. Most of her skills when used provide the team with a shield. The break damage she deals increases when using Lightning Kick, one of her basic attacks, making her one of the best breakers in the game. Her passive allows her to reset the cooldown on her basic skills and make them more powerful, allowing her to stay on the field for a long time without swapping. Because Jiwoo scales with max HP, it is easier to build her as well and, with all her broken abilities, Seo Jiwoo is one of the best available allies and team members against any monster.

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May 8, 2024


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