6 Competitors to Consider in 2024

When mentioning some of the most respectable SEO tools in 2024, it’s hard not to discuss Moz. However, despite its many qualities, many are still seeking Moz alternatives. While offering plenty of qualities, Moz also comes with a fair share of downsides.

Namely, the tool is slightly outdated compared to SE Ranking and Semrush. Also, people find its lack of content marketing tools disappointing. Moz isn’t the best for link-building, which bothers especially Semrush users who got used to this feature.

Overall, we can say Moz is capable but still, there are better alternatives. In today’s guide, our focus is on the 6 best Moz competitors in 2024 that should satisfy your needs. We recommend checking all of them out to find the most suitable one more easily.

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Moz Competitors: 6 Best Alternatives for You

Before we unwrap this list, let us promptly remind you that all 6 tools went through our hands. In other words, our team of experts tested all 6 Moz alternatives, and in many instances, compared them directly to Moz (here’s a Moz vs Semrush duel).

That said, the list of the top-rated Moz alternatives is based solely on our experience rather than a random bias toward specific SEO tools. Without further ado, the list includes:

  1. Semrush
  2. SE Ranking
  3. Ahrefs
  4. Mangools
  5. SpyFu
  6. Ubersuggest

To find out more about each pick on the list, read further, as we describe each.

1. Semrush

Semrush Organic Research
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Dedicated link-building tool
  • Site and on-page SEO audits
  • Large backlink database
  • Keyword Magic Tool
  • 14-day free trial


  • Expensive Guru/Business plans

If you don’t like Moz, Semrush will likely be a lot better for you. For one, it’s easier to use and sports a good-looking interface to quickly get around. Semrush comes with in-depth keyword and domain research, even offering content marketing features.

This allows Semrush to employ an AI writer and optimize your content further. Another perk of Semrush is the Keyword Magic Tool. It comes up with plenty of keyword suggestions, allowing you to find even LSI and long-tail keywords for further SEO improvements.

We love Semrush’s link-building tool. It’s the best on the market. This tool lets you discover new backlink opportunities and get in touch with the websites to make these opportunities happen. It’s a CRM-like system, which ensures ease of access and proper link-building.

Semrush, being the best Moz alternative, supports Site Auditing, which applies to individual pages that can be optimized with the On-Page SEO Checker. Semrush can easily detect backlink and keyword gaps, which helps with competitive analysis in the long run.

Compared to Moz, Semrush’s backlink database is larger, and with trillions of them, getting more accurate data about referring domains is possible. In fact, in our test, we found Semrush more precise in information delivery, which is another plus.

The bad thing about Semrush is the price, which can go above Moz’s price. However, Moz isn’t cheap either. Semrush has a large 14-day free trial and a 7-day refund policy. Best of all, its annual plans are 17% cheaper and the discount can be claimed below.

For more information, check our Semrush coupon article.

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2. SE Ranking

Se Ranking Website Audit
© SE Ranking


  • Many keyword research features
  • AI Writer
  • Local SEO functions
  • Daily rank tracking updates
  • Customizable reports
  • Very affordable at just $44/mo


  • Agency Pack is paid $600 annually (no monthly deal)
  • No proper free plan

SE Ranking is close to Semrush quality-wise. It’s yet another modern-looking SEO tool that trumps Moz in the beauty department. Not only that – SE Ranking is a more complete option, with keyword research, rank tracking, and exquisite content marketing.

The tool even includes capable AI Writing functions to craft highly optimized content for you! Not to mention its local SEO package, which helps you develop a stronger bond with local customers. SE Ranking’s analyses are pretty accurate and exhaustive.

The Domain Research tool will estimate the number of visitors and domain authority while researching keywords brings about hundreds of suggestions. SE Ranking’s rank tracking is excellent, with daily updates about rank changes to keep you posted.

SE Ranking comes with a Report Builder to edit and make customizable reports for your team. Plus, more expensive plans come with multiple user seats, making SE Ranking perfect for smaller businesses. This tool is way cheaper than Moz as well, at only $44 a month.

A 14-day trial is there in which you can use ALL features and not need to provide credit card information. SE Ranking is more compelling for backlink analysis and on-page SEO improvements, along with top-notch site audit functions that Moz lacks to an extent. This makes it an excellent ally for better positioning on Google.

We dislike SE Ranking’s Agency Pack at $600 yearly, as well as the lack of a free plan. Moz’s free SEO tools are much better, for example, but if you’re serious about SEO, you’ll likely care about the paid plan. In this case, SE Ranking is superior to Moz while costing less.

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3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs Interface
© Ahrefs


  • Likely the best backlink analysis tool
  • Fast crawling speed
  • 9 supported search engines
  • AI-powered keyword generation
  • Good-looking interface


  • Very expensive because of the Credit system
  • Daily rank tracking updates are $100/mo on top

Ahrefs is a dangerous player in the game and one of the best-rated Moz alternatives in 2024. It brings serious firepower to the table, with the best backlink analysis tools and hundreds, if not thousands of handy keyword suggestions.

Its interface is better in our book and Ahrefs can crawl hundreds of pages in its cheapest plan. While its site audit capabilities are so-so, Ahrefs is faster than Moz in crawling, offering slightly more information compared to its rival. Interestingly, both lack search intent.

You can find this metric in SE Ranking and Semrush. On the brighter side, Ahrefs supports keyword clustering and its AI can generate many keyword ideas in the Keyword Explorer tool. Moreover, Ahrefs is pretty strong in competitive analysis.

This is even truer if we add a powerful link-building tool to the equation. Ahrefs’ accuracy continues in the Rank Tracker tool, which, sadly, updates ranking info each week. Users have to pay $100 a month for daily updates, which sounds ludicrous.

Ahrefs’ advantage is in supported search engines. Rather than focusing only on Google, Ahrefs supports 9 engines, some of which are Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube. A major downside is the credit system, which requires you to use your credits for whatever you do.

This makes Ahrefs very expensive, as every action consumes credits that you’ll eventually need to buy at some points. Coupled with its pricey plans whose additional user seats are $35 a month, using Ahrefs isn’t for those with shallow pockets. It’s a luxury, so to speak.

4. Mangools

Kwfinder Free
© KWFinder


  • KWFinder is handy for getting KW suggestions/questions
  • Capable of analyzing your backlink profile
  • SERP analysis
  • 24/7 live chat support


  • It has no Site Audit tool
  • Only 5 SEO tools are included

At #4, we have Mangools, another excellent Moz alternative. While not necessarily better, Mangools has a lot going on for it. First, it has an amazing keyword research tool called KWFinder, which helps with keyword suggestions and SERP analysis.

In Mangools, you’ll find 5 SEO tools to help you analyze your competition and even track your keyword rankings. Specifically, we love the LinkMiner tool, which analyzes your backlink profile to discover follow/nofollow links and other vital factors.

We love Mangools for its beautiful interface and ease of use. Plus, it comes with a free version and a 10-day trial to test out its tools. Mangools lacks site audit functions, so it’s inferior to Moz. However, it’s great for finding long-tail keywords – we like that.

Our team took into consideration its affordable plans that start at just around $20 a month, which is way cheaper than Moz. In a recent KWFinder review, we highlighted its SERPChecker tool for SERP analysis and discovery of competitors’ weaknesses.

This is backed by the useful SiteProfiler tool that displays metrics like domain authority, citation flow, trust flow, and page authority of each site. Mangools isn’t feature-rich compared to Semrush, Moz, or SE Ranking. It’s not a premium tool in comparison.

But the good thing is its generous plans, hundreds of trackable keywords, and 24/7 live chat support that you’ll find heartwarming. Mangools is surely an excellent Moz alternative if you want something that won’t break the bank but still keep your SEO needs met.

5. SpyFu

Spyfu Interface
© SpyFu


  • It’s popular for competitive analysis
  • PPC/CPC analysis metrics
  • The cheapest plan tracks 5,000 keywords weekly
  • Up to 15 years of historical data


  • No link-building tools
  • Lacking Site Audits like Mangools

SpyFu is often advertised as a tool for spying on your competition. Yes, its competitive analysis is excellent but so is the presence of many other tools. For example, this Moz alternative works well for PPC/CPC analysis and organic research.

In this regard, it might be superior to Moz. Furthermore, Ads Research is SpyFu’s forte, especially with Ads History where you can discover ad variations of keywords that your competitors used previously in Google Ads.

SpyFu, unlike Moz, can track more search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, allowing for more emphasis on overall website ranking across all engines. On the other hand, SpyFu isn’t better than Moz because it lacks link-building and site auditing.

These two can be found in Semrush and SE Ranking, the top two Moz alternatives in 2024. SpyFu is even more affordable than Mangools, which is often a synonym for a cheap SEO tool. However, SpyFu costs only $16/mo in the Basic plan.

This plan can track 5,000 keywords weekly, with a 6-month data history. The Professional plan offers up to 15 years of historical data and 15,000 weekly tracked keywords at only $36 a month. SpyFu’s forte is modest pricing but overall, it’s nothing to write home about.

We included it as a Moz alternative for those willing to save plenty of cash and with lower SEO demands. To get more, we strongly recommend SE Ranking as a budget option, especially because of SpyFu’s limitations outlined in the SpyFu vs Semrush comparison.

6. Ubersuggest

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  • Amazing content marketing features
  • One of the best-looking SEO tools
  • 10,000 AI-generated words in the cheapest plan
  • Free Chrome extension


  • No on-page SEO audit
  • Local SEO features aren’t there
  • Very limited free plan

The last Moz competitor for today is Ubersuggest – a surprisingly decent one. Ubersuggest comes from Neil Patel, a famous entrepreneur and SEO expert. This man developed a full-fledged Moz alternative with functions like rank tracking, keyword research, and backlink analysis.

Overall, it’s not better than Moz but it has a few advantages. First, its interface is more intuitive and pleasing to look at. Second, Ubersuggest has an excellent keyword generator and a backlink opportunity tool to improve your backlink profile.

Another point for Ubersuggest is the site audit tool, which helps detect persistent issues. This tool is surprisingly good, and in our Semrush vs Ubersuggest battle, the tool held pretty well thanks to metrics like core web vital and many others that it detected swiftly.

Also, Moz lacks content marketing, while Ubersuggest offers some of the best features in this regard. SEO Opportunities allow for further content optimization, while also including the AI Writer whose writing quality is excellent.

Best of all, Ubersuggest is affordable and even the cheapest plan supports 10,000 AI-generated words for added convenience. We should mention Ubersuggest’s LIFETIME deals that represent top-notch value for money, especially compared to Moz.

Other functions we’d also like to mention include a free Chrome extension, daily rank-tracking updates, traffic overview, and competitive analysis. Ubersuggest lacks on-page SEO audits and local SEO features but again, you can find these in Semrush or SE Ranking.

How Did We Select the Best Moz Pro Alternatives?

When discussing the best Moz competitors, it’s hard to find significantly better ones. However, as Moz isn’t the #1 SEO tool (it’s Semrush), it still has some downsides we mentioned earlier. For this reason, our criteria were the following:

  • Function & ease of use. Moz’s outdated and not-so-intuitive interface prompts many users to check for alternatives. Our top 6 Moz competitors are better designed, with easier-to-use apps for all your SEO analyses.
  • Content marketing. As said, Moz lacks proper content marketing features, which means it’s harder to optimize and write new content with the help of AI. Semrush, SE Ranking, and Ubersuggest all contain high-level content marketing tools, such as AI Writer, content ideas, and various optimization techniques to make your pages shine.
  • Backlink-building. While great in other fields, Moz’s link-building capabilities are subpar. That’s why we included Semrush as the most suitable alternative, with a dedicated link-building CRM-like tool and a better, more thorough backlink analysis. Find out more about the importance of backlinks here.
  • Affordability. Lastly, we ensured our top-rated Moz competitors were affordable. Moz can be expensive but whether it’s worth the price is debatable. Semrush’s Pro plan is enough to beat Moz and it can be used for free for 7 days. Also, SE Ranking at around $44 a month is way cheaper than Moz, while offering more features.


In the end, it’s time to digress on our favorite Moz Pro alternatives in 2024. If you need a superior alternative, Semrush is likely the best option if you don’t mind a slightly higher price. It might cost you a tad more but it’ll offer WAY more in the end.

We also advise trying SE Ranking and its 14-day free trial. SE Ranking is cheaper at $44/mo and in our tests, displayed much better performance than Moz. Ahrefs is overly expensive but our experts can confirm its data accuracy, backlink analysis efficiency, and fast crawling speeds that make it superior to Moz.

The last three Moz competitors aren’t necessarily better. However, they’re far more intuitive and offer plenty of nifty features, such as exquisite content marketing of Ubersuggest, PPC/CPC analysis from SpyFu, or comprehensive SERP analysis of Mangools.

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