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Hyderabad: Electric cutters were allegedly used by D Praneeth Rao and his team to destroy 50 hard disks, said police sources investigating the case. According to them, Praneeth who was then the deputy superintendent of police in Special Intelligence Bureau (SIB), roped in at least two people, including an electrician — after the BRS party lost the assembly elections on December 3 — to erase data stored in the hard disks. The old disks were also allegedly replaced with new hard disks.
“The 50 old hard disks, which actually had sensitive data like surveillance information and others, were cut into pieces using an electric cutter,” the source said. This was done after CCTVs were turned off by the electrician, who was unaware of the alleged conspiracy. SIB officials in their complaint to Panjagutta police said that apart from the destruction of surveillance data allegedly gathered by Praneeth, information linked to naxal issues, which was stored over many decades, was also erased.
Investigators said that Praneeth, during questioning, said that the destruction of electronic devices was allegedly carried out on the instructions of then SIB chief, T Prabhakar Rao.
On Wednesday, Praneeth was arrested and produced before a magistrate, who sent him to 14-day judicial remand. Punjagutta police are in the process of moving a petition in Nampally court to seek his custody. An informal team of officials led by an assistant commissioner of police rank officer from west zone, is to supervise the probe.

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Electric cutter used to destruct 50 hard disks in SIB office
Former police officer D Praneeth Rao allegedly destroyed 50 hard disks with electric cutters, erasing sensitive data. An electrician turned off CCTVs for the act, unaware of the alleged conspiracy. The investigation involves cash movement surveillance and Praneeth’s arrest.

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