Netizens divided over the ‘filthy’ state of Park Seo Ham’s home after his appearance on MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’

After his latest appearance on the MBC variety program ‘I Live Alone‘, actor Park Seo Ham became a buzz on an online community for the “filthy” state of his home.

On this episode of ‘I Live Alone’ broadcast on March 23 KST, Park Seo Ham shared a glimpse of what it’s like for an up-and-coming actor still living a very frugal lifestyle in a cramped, city apartment.

Although the actor rose to fame for his role in the hit web drama ‘Semantic Error‘, he enlisted for his mandatory service soon afterward and has not yet had much of a chance to build his career further.

As a result, the cast members of ‘I Live Alone’ were rather shocked by the disorganized state of Park Seo Ham’s home, every corner of the small apartment filled with clothes and other belongings. 

Furthermore, the episode also captured moments which demonstrated Park Seo Ham’s “filthy” habits, such as shots of his kitchen sink filled with dirty dishes or the detergent compartment of his laundry machine caked with dirt. 

The actor also caused shock by sharing that he used stickers to cover up stains or dirty spots around his home, all the while the camera zoomed in on a spot of the floor covered with stickers, with hair strands sticking out from beneath the transparent parts. 

For some netizens, Park Seo Ham’s “filthy” habits were quite a “turn off”. They commented,

“Ew leaving egg peels on the stove top and all those dirty snack wrappers everywhere… I can’t stand people like this.”

“If he’d just cleaned up some of those dirty wrappers and trash… this is really not helping his image.”

“It’s a big change from some of his past vlogs. Was that all a concept? He used to have such a clean and neat image TT.”

“Isn’t this a little too ‘real’? Doesn’t he realize that actors need to maintain at least a little bit of an image?”

“Covering up dirty spots with stickers is just nasty TT.”

“The trash and dirty dishes in the kitchen… I’m about to puke.”

“Can someone call Brian please.”

“He really needs to earn more money and move out of there. That is not enough space for someone as big as him.”

“Even if it’s the whole concept of the show, he should have at least cleaned up the trash before inviting the filming crew in…”

“This isn’t something that can be solved by him moving to a bigger place. His habits scream ‘filthy’.” 

However, others argued,

“It’s not even that bad? It’s just a really cramped apartment and he has a lot of stuff. Yeah, he’s a little disorganized but I thought it was funny.”

“I’ve been to so many friends’ places that looked way worse.”

“Quit overreacting. That’s normal for young people living alone these days.”

“If he’s trying to push the image of a ‘relatable person’, I think it’s working lol.”

“It’s literally not that bad. People are just butt hurt that this handsome actor is living like that.”

“I’m the same. I never do the dishes right after I eat, there’s so much hair on my floors, and there’s dirt in my washing machine too.”

“I just want those Shinchan stickers.”

“If that’s just how he lives, then leave him be. If you can’t stand the state of his house, just don’t watch. People overreact way too much these days.”

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